Step into Spring in Style

Honestly spring is a weird time of year in Ontario. One day it is snowing and the next day it is warm and sunny. The weather is changing from winter to summer but doesn’t know which season it wants to be in. Thankfully this year I don’t have to deal with Wheatley Spring (thanks Barbados), but to most of my readers you have to put up with it. So to help you, I have put together a collection of outfits that are perfect for Springtime in Canada.

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The good thing about this outfit, is that the skirt is paired with a long sleeve shirt! You could also pair it with a cardigan or sweater in case it gets chilly! But your legs have been hiding all winter long and it is time to break out some dresses and skirts. Also LOVE these wedges, I am definitely investing in a pair when I get home (hopefully I’ll find some at Winners!).

CBL’s Guide to 30A Florida
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12 outfit ideas to wear espadrilles during spring and summer
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A tank top and jeans is a perfect casual look for the spring weather. Bring along a sweater in your bag and you are prepared just in case! Also how cute is her bag? Wicker basket bags and mesh hole bags are in style this year and your spring outfit is the perfect way to debut them.

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Don’t be afraid to pair shorts with a sweater or cardigan! This outfit is the perfect example of how to style shorts when it isn’t yet summer. You can also wear some sneakers or flats if you aren’t ready to break out the sandals just yet!

Merrick's Art | Light Wash Overalls and Striped Shirt #MerricksArt #freepeople #overalls
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I said this last year and I’ll say it again, overalls are IN! They are also the perfect transition piece, as you can wear a long sleeve or sweater underneath without having to bring a jacket along!

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I am obsessed with this outfit! (I actually got my grams to look for the sweater in store for me but they didn’t have it). White jeans are an easy item to dress up or down depending on the occasion and are also perfect for spring. Pair them with a bright top to get rid of your winter blues!

I hope that this post inspires you to break out some fresh styles for the warmer weather! I would love to see your outfits so you can tag my on my Instagram @mslibbeyjean ❤


A Fresh Start to 2019

For those of you that know me, you know I love shopping. I’ll admit, I have a slight shopping addiction. I love finding good deals and I have been known time and time again to buy things just because they are on sale, or are under $5.

Since 2017, I have been following a women on Instagram called Meg or @meghall on Instagram. This year she is doing #NoShop19 meaning that she will not be purchasing any clothing, shoes or house related items for herself all of 2019 unless it needs (needs) to be replaced. She has been talking about doing this for a few weeks and it got me to thinking about my slight shopping problem. When I was trying to stuff the new clothes I got for Christmas into my already full drawers I realized that I needed to make a change.

Yesterday I decided to start the New Year off right by cleaning out all of the clothes that I do not wear anymore/ clothes that do not fit me. This lead me to having a massive bag that I was going to donate to goodwill. My mom also suggest that I put some clothes online to sell (stuff that hasn’t been worn, or in good condition) and I did just that.

This year I am going to try to buy less than I do every other year. That means, not going shopping every weekend because I feel like I deserve a treat and instead embracing my (if I say so myself) fabulous wardrobe that I have spent way too much on already. Of course I will probably go shopping while in Europe next week, but I will still have my mindset of buying less and buying only unique pieces, instead of average pieces just because they were a good deal.

I hope that this gives me a new perspective going into 2019 and I hope this year is filled with experiences and memories instead of items.


P.s. If you are looking for some super cheap and cute clothing to start your New Year off right you can follow me @libbeyjeanscloset on Instagram to see the pieces I am selling!

Transition Into Fall Flawlessly

Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons. It isn’t too cold, the colors outside are beautiful and most importantly fall fashion is gorgeous! Because I am living in the year round summer sun, I thought I would share some of my fall favorites that will allow you to transition from your end of summer vibes into full pumpkin spice.

Fall 1
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Fall is all about neutral colors and plaids, so why not mix the two together? This is a perfect example of doing just that and also layering. It often is cooler in the morning and in the evening so be sure to wear layers, so you aren’t too hot during the middle of the day!

Fall 2.jpg
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Jean skirts are the perfect way to show off the last of you summer tan before it gets cold outside! Pair a jean skirt with a knit sweater for the ultimate fall look.

Fall 3
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Who says you can’t wear white after labour day? My rule is that as long as there isn’t snow on the ground, white is a go! Pairing jeans with a cute sandal or wedge is a great way to transition into the fall weather.

Fall 4.jpg
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I love all things knit and this knit dress is giving me the feels! Pair long sleeved dresses with a short bootie for a classy and cute fall look.

Here are some more of my fall favs:

Fall 5
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Fall 6.jpg
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Fall 7.jpg
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Fall 8.jpg
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Well I hope these looks give you some inspiration for your fall wardrobe. As for me, I’ll be in my bikini for the rest of the weekend soaking up the sun.


Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.37.10 PM

Back to School

As soon as August hits, I know the end of summer is near and back to school shopping begins. Though this year my school uniform will be an assorted array of bikinis, I thought that I would do a “Back to College/University” fashion guide, in honor of no one in my family being in high school anymore. With Ivy going into her second year at the Wilfred Laurier University and Elle attending the University of Waterloo, their style game has got to be perfect. I’ve already given them the inside scoop and today I’m going to share that with all of you.

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An oversized knit sweater: This is a fashion must have! When sitting in lectures in a freezing cold auditorium you’ll be happy to have a cute and cozy layer! In September and October, be sure to wear a light shirt underneath so when the afternoon sun comes out you can transition your outfit like a pro.

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Stripes and Black Jeans: I love everything striped and checked because it is so easy to dress up and down! This outfit is chic and casual at the same time (you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard!). If you don’t own a pair of black jeans be sure to put them on your shopping list, not only do they match everything but they can be worn from school, to work, to dates!

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Who says you can’t wear white after labour day?: In personal experience, in some classes you have to dress nicer than others, whether it’s to stand out, impress the teacher or even fit in with everyone else! This outfit is a perfect example of how to “dress up” when going to class! My key rule is you can wear white jeans until it starts snowing (otherwise you will blend in)!

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No more bad hair days!: College/ University comes with many new found freedoms and in my cases no dress code. You can now take use of your entire wardrobe, even when you’re in class! Throw on a hat when you’re running late and no one will even know you were having a bad hair day. Work the accessories girl!

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T-shirt dress: I love a good t-shirt dress and they are perfect for back to school and fall. Add a jean jacket or army coat when you need a layer and you’ll have the perfect outfit!

Overall, just be yourself! Wear what makes you comfortable because that is what’s going to make you happy! Have fun back to school shopping and a huge good luck to anyone going into their first year of college/uni (especially my little sister Elle Belly).

Love always,

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.37.10 PM

If you are in need of more ideas be sure to check out my Spring Style post! You’ll be sure to find some other great options for this weekend and for Spring!

My Summer Favorites

Hey everyone! The sun is shining and because today is going to feel like 95F I thought I would share some of my summer favorites with you!


Product descriptions counter clockwise:

  1. Chacos – Last year I bought my first pair of Chaco sandals and I fell in love immediately. Not only are they super cute but they provide custom support for every type of foot, including high arch support for feet like mine! I have started spreading the word about these sandals because they will keep your feet happy all year long! You can buy sandals like mine here!
  2. Hawaiian Tropic – This is my favorite brand of sunscreen and suntanning products because it smells great and doesn’t leave your skin super greasy!
  3. Yeti 30oz Rambler Tumbler – Ivy and Declan became obsessed with Yeti’s in the past year, so I took the plunge and bought one for myself! This is not your typical cup, which explains the hefty price tag. This tumbler keeps my ice cubes without melting so my drinks are never watered down, perfect for my pink lemonade! To see more colors or to buy yourself a tumbler click here!
  4. Hair ties – I always have some extra hair ties with me in the summer especially because we have a jeep! I made these ribbon hair ties out of some headbands!
  5. High waisted bikini bottoms – High waisted bikini have started making their comeback and this year the trend will continue. I picked up these bottoms while shopping in Toronto at the Gap!
  6. Sunnies – Because I just got contacts I can finally buy nonprescription sunglasses! Big and bold are in this year so keep an eye out for some cute specs you can add to your accessory closet! I picked up these sunnies at my local winners!
  7. Floppy Hat – This floppy hat is not only super cute but it was only $5 at Target! Hats are not only the perfect way to cover up beach hair, but they are a good sun protector!
  8. A good summer book – I have read The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han every summer since I started high school. I recommend this to every girl who needs a quick and fun read for the beach! Click here to pick up a copy!

So there you have it, the things you won’t see me without this summer! I hope you’re all enjoying the weather as much as I am and wishing you a fabulous week!

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.37.10 PM


The Detailing of a Perfect Bride – Photos

A little while ago I was invited to get a backstage look at what it takes to make the perfect bride in the “White Room” at the Water’s Edge event center! Today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite pictures from the shoot taken by Nina Keast Design and Photography. 

If you haven’t read my first post, it is a must read before looking at these pictures! It will give you all the information from venue to makeup, and how you can get in touch with the amazing women who put this shoot together!



The Ultimate Prom Guide

With Prom season just around the corner, I thought I would share some inside info so that your prom will go off without a hitch. Whether this is your first prom or your fourth, I’d like to share some key ideas so you can have fun and also save money!

In 2016, I attended 2 Prom’s in the same week. It was crazy. Two different dresses, makeup looks, different hair styles. I wore a brand new pair of high heels to Prom #1 which I was also supposed to wear to Prom #2 (my high schools prom). After getting pictures, dancing and walking around at Prom #1, my feet were like jello and I could not bring myself to even put a foot in the high heel for Prom #2. This ended up being a great decision (no matter what my mother said). 90% of the girls at Prom #2 bought brand new (expensive) high heels to wear, ended up taking them off as soon as we got to the venue, and have probably never wore them since. I wore my (what people like to call Jesus sandals) and I was perfectly comfortable all night long. If you are wearing a long dress, wear whatever shoes you want, no one will see them.

If you can save money doing your hair yourself, then do it. To spend anywhere from $50- a couple hundred dollars getting your hair done for a few hours, it better be the best hairdo mankind has seen. If you, your mom or anyone else in you family is good at doing hair, then let them do it! There are thousand of tutorials on Pinterest now a days. (If you are doing you hair yourself be sure to do a practice run, and give yourself some extra time on Prom day!)

Makeup is not my forté and most days I just put on a little mascara. This is where I had to call in help from my cousin Elizabeth. Liz just finished her makeup certificate in Toronto and is my go-to for any major event. Not only did Liz do my makeup for Prom #2 but she also helped make my hair dreams come to life! If you want to see more of Liz’s work click here or check out her website!

Finally the dress. My original plan was to wear the same dress to both Prom #1 and #2, but my mm had different ideas. After Ivy got invited to Prom #2, she needed a dress and my mom made me tag along while shopping. Next thing I knew, I was trying on dresses beside Ivy. This was only a few days before Prom #2. If you go Prom dress shopping in the U.S later in the season, all the dresses are on sale as their Prom’s run from April – the end of May. I ended up getting my Prom dress for 70% off which is the only reason I even had two dresses! If you want to save some money, wait last-minute to buy your dress or loan one from a friend or family member! I borrowed a dress from my cousin Elizabeth for Prom #1, which you can see in the pictures below!

Overall, don’t rush into things when it comes to Prom. Doing things yourself such as your hair and nails can save you a lot of money! With college coming up in the fall, you’re going to need every last penny you have!


Prom #1 (Dress borrowed from my cousin!)

Makeup by Elizabeth Bassett

Childhood Best Friend Jacob ❤

Easter Weekend Style

I don’t know about you but Easter in my family is a weekend long event, going from house to house for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Some events are more casual then others and so you need to know what to wear, where! This is my Easter guide from casual to dressy so that your weekend style goes off without a hitch!


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p.s. How cute is the shirt above!


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So there you have it; some super easy ways to go from a casual Easter lunch to a dressy dinner! I can’t wait to see all of your looks and I hope you have an amazing weekend with your family and friends!

Have a Bunny Day!


If you are in need of more ideas be sure to check out my Spring Style post! You’ll be sure to find some other great options for this weekend and for Spring!

Spring Style

Spring is officially here and before you know it, you’ll be packing up your winter coat until November (in my case I will be packing it up until winter 2019!). In honor of the first day of Spring, I want to share some style inspo so you can clean and freshen up your style!

First, clean out your closet! I use the rule that if I haven’t worn a piece of clothing in two years it is time to get rid of it. A quick and easy way to get rid of old clothing is to donate it to the goodwill. If you have name brand clothing that is still in good condition try selling online to get some money back such as on Carousell or Poshmark in the U.S. My sisters and I give a lot of our old clothing to our younger cousins which you could do within your family as well!

Styles are forever changing and once you’ve gotten rid of your old clothes you have reason to buy some new pieces! Here are some outfit ideas for spring that you can easily replicate for elegant and effortless style.

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I recently added a pair of overalls to my wardrobe for under $50 and I absolutely love them, plus they are perfect for spring! Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


The Detailing of a Perfect Bride – Brought to You by Women in Windsor, Ont

Though some may say the dress is the most important part of a bride on her wedding day, I want to take you in depth at all of the other elements that capture a beautiful bride. Last week I was very fortunate to get a backstage look at some of the major components of weddings today in the “White Room” at the Water’s Edge event center! From the venue, to makeup, flowers, and more – there are many things that one might not even think of when it comes to this very special day.

VenueWater’s Edge

Located on Windsor’s Riverside drive, this old church has been completely revamped into a beautiful venue center! The shoot was located in the “White Room” where many wedding and baby showers are held! Upstairs the grand ballroom is used for weddings and receptions. If you are looking for a traditional venue with a twist, this is a must see!

Wedding DecoratorSoirée Event Extraordinaire

From table cloths to chairs, Soirée does it all! I had a chance to meet Rosemary and see her amazing work of table settings. The simple elegant look that she created has become a timeless classic for weddings today. Decorated with small tea lights and large candle pieces at the end, the table looked absolutely beautiful. My favorite part was that each plate was finished off with a unique and vintage broach that have been repurposed as napkin holders!

To see more work by Soirée click here!

FlowersPetals Floral Design

Some may say that faux flower arrangements are the new thing but I beg to disagree, especially after I saw Kaleigh’s work. Kaleigh Hayes started her own business named Petals Floral Design about 5 years ago and has been blooming ever since. For the shoot Kaleigh decorated the table and chandlier with garland, and had a center piece and bouquet filled with garden roses. Kaleigh told me that the upcoming trend for brides is long garland running along the tables! Petals Floral Design specializes in weddings and events, so if you’re in the market for beautiful and fresh flowers, Kaleigh is the one to call!

PicturesNina Keast Design and Photography

Pictures are memories that last a lifetime, and when it comes to your big day, you’re going to need perfect pictures. Nina Keast is 25 years old and started her business 4 years ago in Windsor. Nina should become your go to girl, from wedding to pregnancy shoots, she captures everything in beautiful images.

To see more of Nina’s work click here!

The CakeSweet Bay Cake Decorator

Macaroons and cakes are some of her specialities, Laura Gentili is a baker that you must check out for your big day!

Chalk SignsThe Chalk Shoppe

Chalk signs have blown up in the wedding industry and are a great way to add a personal touch to your special day! Dayna Martin is a chalk sign fanatic and you should definitely check her out for your next great art piece!

MakeupElizabeth Bassett

Certainly last but not least is my beautiful cousin Elizabeth Bassett. Liz, has had a passion for fashion, hair and makeup for as long as I can remember and in January she obtained her certificate in Makeup design from George Brown School of Makeup and Esthetics. Recently she opened her own business Elizabeth Bassett Style specializing in makeup and style aid. From anything to prom makeup to helping pick out your wedding dress, Elizabeth is one of the best Windsor and Toronto has to offer. For the shoot Elizabeth styled all three models with hair, makeup and dresses.

To see more of Elizabeth’s amazing work click here!


At the end of the day I was very impressed with all of the work done by the ladies in Windsor. In a few weeks I will make a new post with the professional pictures from the shoot!