My Back to School Favourites

With back to school less than a month away I thought I would put together a list of my favourite things that I use throughout the school year. This year school is probably going to look a lot different for most of the students out there with either modified classes or online learning. I was recently sent an email saying that my entire school year is going to be online which is definitely going to be a major adjustment but I am so excited to be starting my schooling in Education. Read more about my favourites below and click the links to shop!

  1. Drinking water everyday is a must, so I don’t leave my house without my S’well bottle! It keeps my water cold all day and they come in some super cute designs, like the one above. Click here to shop!
  2. I found these pens my first year of university and they instantly became my go to. Perfect for writing notes, without any smudging! Click here to shop!
  3. In gradeschool/highschool, I used to hate when teachers would make everyone write things in their agenda. However, in university my planner became my best friend and I carried it around with me everywhere. Planners are a great tool to use to stay on top of readings and assignments so that you never forget anything. Click here to shop the planner I bought this year!
  4. If you don’t already own a diffuser, this is a must buy! I bought my diffuser for living in residence as you can’t have anything burning in your dorm but I still use my diffuser everyday at home. Diffuser’s are a great way to keep your room smelling great along with helping you calm down! This diffuser also plays soothing sounds and changes colours, click here to shop!
  5. This Echo Dot is a great tool to have in any room of your house and easily lets you listen to music, set alarm and ask questions without having to pull out your phone or laptop. Click here to shop!
  6. This is the first year this item is on my back to school list and though I may not be happy about it, I still want everyone to look cute! Face masks seem to be pretty much an essential item of my daily closet now, especially if I am going into schools for my placement this fall. Old Navy has a great selection of masks with a variety of patterns and for a great price. Click here to shop!
  7. These headphones are a bit of a splurge but totally worth it! Airpods are great wireless headphones with a long battery life to get you through your commute to school or gym session. When finishing my last semester online these were a lifesaver, to listen to Zoom classes and to also block out the sounds of my busy house! Click here to shop!
  8. Everyone should treat themselves to a new pair of kicks for the school year, am I right? These New Balance 574’s are my absolute favourite pair of sneakers; they are soooo comfortable and they pair well with any outfit. Click here to shop these sneakers on sale!
  9. A good book bag is essential for school and this Matt&Nat bag is great for carrying all of your books, laptop and other daily supplies. These bags are amazing quality made out of Vegan materials and will make you stand out in class! Click here to shop!

No matter where you are doing your back to school shopping this year be sure to sign up with! With thousands of stores every time you shop you get cashback for your purchases. Click this link to sign up and after your first purchase you automatically receive $5!

I hope that no matter what type of schooling you are doing this year you have an amazing year!

Shellac Nails at Home

I always say that when I go and get my nails done I feel so much more put together. Who knew what a little nail polish could do for a girl. Obviously I couldn’t go and get my nails done during lockdown but after going to the salon a hundred times I figured why couldn’t I do shellac nails by myself?

I started looking online for a kit to do shellac at home and after watching many videos and reading a lot of reviews I decided to purchase a kit off of Amazon. Here is the kit I bought below which came with 6 colors and a top and base coat. I paid C$89.99 but the exact same kit I purchase is now only C$78.99 and I think it is worth every penny!

This kit comes with everything you need to give yourself an at home manicure and once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty fun! This LED nail light is open at the back which is perfect for pedicures.

Shellac (or gel) polish is different than normal nail polish as you don’t have to apply a lot of it for the color to show. The thinner you apply the polish the less likely it is to chip or peel off!

My latest at home manicure

If you aren’t ready to go back to salons in person or are looking for a more budget friendly way to get your nails done, I highly recommend this kit. Amazon has a ton of different tools and colors on their website and most of them show up at your door the next day.

Tag me in your at home manicures and let me know if you have your own shellac set at home!