About Me

Welcome to my personal blog where I write about my crazy adventures and tell some pretty funny stories along the way.  I’m currently 20 years old and after living in France for a year when I was 16 I know that travelling is a major component of my life. I’m your typical country girl (lives on a farm, with animals everywhere), currently living in Toronto to obtain a iBA in Political Science with specialization in French.

This blog is where I don’t hold anything back, I give the facts straight up no matter how embarrassing the situations are (and believe me there are a lot of them). I’m the type of girl who’s always in the right place and the right time, writing about my hilarious life and adventures that are thrown my way.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Christina K says:

    I’m loving that you’re in France Libbey!!! Oh what a wonderful experience for you. I only hope that you can take in every minute of every day. I get chills just thinking of my great niece living it up in Paris! Oi la la.
    I will look forward to reading all that you post here.

    Aunt Christina x

  2. Sarah Nordberg says:

    Libbey I just came across your blog on Aliluvs blog. You seem like a cool chick … and you have great hair! I work for a hair cafe line and would love to have you try out stuff!!!

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