New Adventure … Sign Me Up

Helllllllloooooooo!!!!!!! I am very excited to be writing this blog post today because I have some exciting news, well at least I am excited about it!

The past few months have been crazy! I finished my second placement in a grade 4/5/6 three way split class and I had the chance to run my first novel study which was really fun! If you are looking for a quick and good read, I highly suggest Refugee by Alan Gratz. And in between school and work, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do this summer. It’s a very long story, so I’ll just give the short version!

About few weeks ago, I got offered a job (over the phone) with the federal government and I was soooo excited. After waiting a few days to get my written offer, I emailed them and they said that Human Resources is so backed up that they are trying to send it as fast as they can. So I kept waiting until another opportunity kind of fell into my lap and I decided that this new opportunity would be better for me personally and I accepted the offer. What is this offer you might ask?

Well, starting in May I am going to return to Ontario Parks as a Park Warden. For those of you who do not know, I have worked 4 years with Ontario Parks in various roles and in 2019 I became designated as a Park Warden. Last year, I did not go back to Parks and my job was given away. However, because of COVID, Ontario Parks has not been able to train anyone new to become a Park Warden so they were trying to find people who are trained. I got offered three different positions and I am very happy with the Park that I have decided to make my home for 4 months. I will be working at Fairbank Provincial Park near Sudbury, Ontario. So if anyone has some camping adventures planned this summer, pop by and say hi!

For this new adventure, I knew I was going to need to break down and buy a car. For those of you that know me, you know that I have been saving for a car for a while and I actually almost bought a Beetle in the fall, but I am so very glad that I waited. Two weeks ago I bought a 2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk and I LOVE it!

School is finishing up and I can’t believe how fast my first year flew by, one down one to go! I received an email today about my university giving us the option to do school online next year so it is looking like that is what I will be doing. I am hoping to do my placement with the Windsor Essex school board in the fall and hopefully live with my grandparents for a few months (which my Gramma will tell you would be so much fun).

Other than that nothing much is new, just missing Winners and Homesense.

Love always,

3 thoughts on “New Adventure … Sign Me Up

  1. That’s such great news, Libbey! What a great job predicament to be in. And that new Jeep!!! Beautiful! Congrats on your achievements at such a young age!

    Well done! 🙌🏼

    Lol, I’m sure your time in Windsor will be delightful!! ❤️


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