More Life Stories Brought to you by Libbey

Hello and welcome back to the Blonde Traveler, who well, can’t travel! Yesterday I put a poll up on my instagram page (if you want to follow me @mslibbeyjean) asking what everyone wanted to see on the blog. More than 50% of the responses were “More life stories/everyday life”, well I hate to break it to you people but my everyday life is pretty boring right now! But as is most people’s lives right now, so I will try to bring as much excitement to this post as possible.

School is Back

Well back online that is. Last Monday, I started my 2nd semester (out of four so that’s like halfway right? 😉 ) and it was hard to be back at the computer for so long everyday. Thankfully I already knocked out one project and we even had to take a picture of it, so here it is if you would like to see it!

I am supposed to be completing my second placement exactly one month from today, but honestly I have a feeling that I won’t be doing it in person. I’m trying to make the best out of every situation though and no matter if my placement is in class or online I will still be learning a lot!

Four Eyes but More Stylish

A highlight of my Christmas break was going to the eye doctors. Now for people with good vision you may not understand the excitement that I get when after two long years of wearing the same glasses I get to go and get my eyes checked and pick out new glasses. Well no big surprise but my eyes got worse once again, hopefully they will stop getting worse now that I am done growing otherwise but the time I am 50 I will actually be blind. Anyways, this was my first time picking out glasses by myself (without mom or gramma telling me what looks best) soooo fingers crossed that everything looks good when I pick them up Monday.

Also, funny story. The eye doctor asks me if she examine the back of my eye ball but in order to do that she has to put drops in my eye to dilate my pupils. In all my years of going to the eye doctors I have never had this done so I said sure why not?

That was a big mistake.

First my eye doctors was in a grocery store and the florescent lights were somewhat blinding. In addition, I still had to pick out my glasses and this is why I repeat folks I hope they look good, because colours were blending together and my focus was completely off. Once I left the doctors office, my mom had asked me to pick up some groceries and I cannot tell you how on earth I managed doing it. The worst though was when I stepped outside. I kid you not I almost fell over because the sunlight was blinding I felt like a vampire. Not only that… I had to drive home! They should not let you drive after those drops!!! Thankfully Ivy had left a huge pair of sunglasses in the car so I put them on over my actual glasses and drove home to the best of my pupils abilities. I learned my lesson there and next time they want to check out the back of my eyeballs, I’ll take a hard pass.

So What do I do in my Free Time?

You’re probably wondering what I have been up to in the middle of a pandemic in my free time, oh and I should also mention that I live in the middle of a corn field so honestly there wasn’t much to do around here before COVID. When I’m not doing school or at work I have been reading a lot of books, I recently finished Where The Forest Meets the Stars which I finished in three days because it was amazing! I am currently in the middle of 11/22/63 which was suggested to me and so far I am liking it.

I’ve also been watching wayyyyy too much Netflix and Prime. Here are some of the shows that you should add to your must watch list:


  • Bridgerton
  • This is Us
  • The Queen’s Gambit
  • The Crown (MY FAVOURITE!!!)
  • Virgin River
  • Lupin (Currently watching)

Prime Video

  • The Wilds

Though the weather has been very miserable lately, I try to get outside even if it’s only for a few minutes when it is nice. Thankfully we live on the lake so if the waves aren’t too bad we can go for walks on the beach, which I hope to do more of in the upcoming months. I can’t believe January is already half done, and that means my birthday month is on the horizon!

Well, I hope you had a few good laughs from my random COVID safe adventures. If you want to hear any other stories or leave a note, comment below I would love to chat!

Love always,

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