#noshop20 January Update

Well January is coming to an end (finally), so it is time for a #noshop20 update! Oh the joys of trying to remember why I am doing this. Some days it feels like I am punishing myself and then others I am focused on living in experiences and not in items.

For those of you just joining me, my name is Libbey Dresser and this year I will not be shopping. No buying any clothes or shoes for twelve whole months. And if you don’t personally know me, this is a very big deal for me.

January seems to have been the longest month in existence, not because of #noshop20 but rather with getting back into the swing of school, dealing with miserable weather and very impatiently waiting for my vacation in February. Honestly, January has sucked.

For the past month I have been in Toronto, with no plans to visit home until the end of February for a wedding (and some birthday celebrations). The first few weeks of school weren’t busy, so I found myself sitting my room for a few weekends in a row, overthinking things and just being moody because I was alone. The second weekend I was back in the city, I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to get out of my room. So where did I go? Winners.

Now some of you may be thinking ohhh here we go, Libbey already bought something 15 days into January. Well, yes. But, as I stated in a previous post there were going to be some exceptions for my #noshop20. I was given some Winners gift cards for Christmas and I allowed myself to use them during #noshop20. I did buy some practical things, but I also used the card for a pair of leggings and matching top.

Needless to say the gift cards are all gone, so the true test now begins because I have nothing to fall back on. Which is good … I think.

Also, my sisters have been finding my #noshop20 extremely amusing and whenever they can, try to throw it into conversation.

In addition to not shopping I have been trying to be more aware of my wasteful practices. I have been using my reusable plastic ziplock bags when buying bulk items and also trying to bring my reusable mug wherever I go. I think something I am already learning from my #noshop20 is being more aware of my daily practices. I usually get 2/3 teas a day, times 5 days is already like 10 cups that can’t be recycled or reused. No I am not perfect and sometimes I don’t have my reusable cup with me, but you don’t have to be when trying to make a change. Every little bit helps, even if you reduce the amount of garbage you make by 1 or 2 coffee cups a day.

I think February is going to be a walk in the park, mainly because I am going to be so busy getting ready for vacation, going on vacation and then coming home and having a wedding the next weekend. Oh and don’t forget February is my birthday month so it’s bound to be good.

I hope you all have a great month and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on #noshop20!

Love always,

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