Anyone that knows me well is going to one, find this blog post shocking and two, think I am absolutely crazy.

Where to begin… 

For a few years I have been following a blogger @meghall who last year embarked on a journey she called #NOSHOP19. This past year I have been watching her journey and have been so inspired that an avid shopper like myself went from buying, buying, buying to not buying throughout 2019. 

Though I haven’t added it up, I probably spend a couple thousand dollars on clothes and shoes every year. In addition to this, I end up throwing away a bunch of clothes every year too. Why? I honestly think shopping just gives me something to do, it takes up time and it’s fun. Or at least it was fun. Since moving back to Toronto, I have only gone shopping three times, all with friends. Minus the friends, I haven’t found the joy in shopping that I used to and I think it is because I have started realizing that clothes, shoes, purses; they are all just things. They aren’t where the real memories in life are. 

It is seriously atrocious how much money I end up wasting on clothes that I only end up wearing a few times. I am a deal finder. But what I ended up doing was buying things just because they were a good deal. So I would buy, buy and buy clothes on sale to only wear maybe once (if at all sometimes) and then give them away. 

So back to @meghall. Seeing Meg’s blog and Instagram this past year has made me realize that there is so much more out there than just shopping. So I have decided I will be following in Meg’s footsteps and I will not be buying any clothes, shoes and pretty much useless items that I already have (like I seriously have at least 5 very good reusable water bottles). Is this going to be hard? Probably. The first few months will most likely be easy and come as a relief but when summer hits and new clothes start coming out it will definitely be hard. 

Now there has to be a few exceptions:

  1. If something I use often is damaged or worn out, I can purchase the exact same item to replace the old item which I must get rid of. 
  2. Essential items such as underwear, bras, socks can be purchased but I must get rid of the old version before buying new. 
  3. I must do a summer closet clean out to get rid of any old things I don’t wear/use anymore. (I just did my winter clean out yesterday and honestly it was like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders). 
  4. If I need to purchase work clothing and shoes, this is exempted from #NOSHOP20.
  5. I just cannot buy clothing and shoes for myself. If I need to purchase birthday presents/Christmas presents that involve clothing I can buy them.

Overall, my main goal is to just start focusing on my life and not having to spend money to be happy. I am hoping that #NOSHOP20 allows me to start fresh and start appreciating the things I already have. I am also hoping to reduce the amount of stuff I own to make it more simple to not only organize but make it easier to get ready everyday!

I will be updating my blog every month or so on my progress through #NOSHOP20. I hope you enjoy following me on this journey and who knows maybe even join in!

Love always,

* This is definitely going to be a learning process and things are bound to change but I will update everyone if they do!*

3 thoughts on “#NOSHOP20

  1. What a great idea Libbey!
    I’m rooting for you!!
    Just think of the trips you’ll be able to go on with the money you save!!
    Good Lick to YOU!!
    You CAN do this!!

  2. Hi there. You are such an inspiration. I have not shopped in a while just for myself (I don’t consider last night for some Christmas gifts). Since visiting 8 countries in Europe this summer, my choices for fashion has changed a lot. I like different handmade items (one of a kind item), that unfortunately in Canada are hard to find. I agree with you that shopping can be a time filler.

    Good luck with your new journey.

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