She’s back

I don’t know where to begin this post, but I think an apology will suffice. I truly am sorry that I have been missing in action for 117 days. I keep getting asked when I am going to write again and I have been given different ideas for new posts, but for some reason I could not bring myself to complete something. I have written this blog post several times now and I finally feel ready to put it out in the internet world. 

So now to actually begin, I am forewarning you that this is going to be a long blog and it may seem confusing (probably because I have literally spent a whole summer without writing anything). 

May 2019: Coming home from Barbados was hard

I found a new lifestyle there that will always be a part of me now. If you have heard of the term “Culture Shock” well let me tell you about “Reverse Culture Shock”. I experienced this when I came home from France and in some ways it put my life on hold because I couldn’t get used to the fact that I had to live in Canada again. I knew it was going to be different coming home from Barbados and that I would have to cope again with this shock again. Though the shock is currently minor (getting used to not going to the beach everyday, being cold all the time, etc.) I know that it is going to hit me the hardest when I go back to school in Toronto. Going from an island lifestyle to a big city is a very big change. This year I sadly have to take several classes at the main campus of York University. 52,000 students. It is going to be like going to a new school all over again, except this time a school that is roughly 17x bigger than the size of the town of Wheatley. 

When I got home, I had a little less than two weeks before I was on the move again. This time to remote Northern Ontario (if you have ever been, then you understand that culture shock can happen within a single province). 

June 2019:  A new (very authoritative job) 

Last summer I made the decision to return to Ontario Parks for a job that had a two year contract. I ended up getting offered a Park Warden position at another provincial park which was a hard decision considering how much I loved my old job but I decided to take it. In June, I spent most of the month in North Bay, Ontario where I trained to become a park warden along with 25 other students. And it was the highlight of my summer. (If any of you guys are reading this you have a special place in my heart #wotn). I had the chance to meet people from all across Ontario and we became good friends, some of whom I still talk to. Then we had to leave  each other and go to our respective parks. Just throwing it out there that I hate saying goodbye and this year has been filled with a lot of the word. 

July and August 2019: Living an unconnected life

So that leads up to now. I have been working away to pay off school and hopefully pay off a few more trips. Fingers crossed that I will have a few weeks off at Christmas to pop over to another country. 

I have exactly one week left here before I come home and I cannot tell you how excited I am. Excited to be back in my own bed (even if it is only for a week), to see everyone again and to have some me time before school starts. It is going to be a crazy busy week with a lot to do but I know it’s going to be a great last week of summer. 

Love always, 

One thought on “She’s back

  1. Hi Libbey!!!

    Loved your blog, per usual! You’re a fortunate girl to have to deal with the kind of “culture shock” you’re going through- over and over!!

    Looking forward to your return home, if only for a week!

    Miss and love you, Ivy and Elle!!

    Love, Aunt Karen

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