The Earring Girl

If you’ve seen me in public chances are I am wearing a pair of earrings. I don’t usually leave the house without them. When I was younger my ears used to be super sensitive to earrings and I would get so frustrated that my friends could go into any store in the mall and buy a pair, throw them on and never have their ears hurt!

I think when I was in Grade 11/12 I noticed that I could start wearing cheap earrings and my ears didn’t hurt! Well I became obsessed in the winter break of my first year in university. I was in a little store in Paris and I found a bunch of amazing earrings that the shop owner had brought back from his travels around Africa. So I bought a pair (more like a few pairs) and voila, the obsession had started. This semester, some of the girls have been calling me the Earring Girl and they say I have given them earring inspiration!

They got a little rusty cause I wore them in the ocean, so if you have any tricks on how to get it off put them in the comments section!

I pretty much buy a new pair of earrings every time I go somewhere new now and also my sisters and mom have helped with my addiction so when they go somewhere they pick me up a new pair too.

Elle’s find all the way from India!

Birthday present from Ivy from Chicago!
Another pair from Ivy that she gave me for Christmas
These were given to me by my cousin Elizabeth and are my favorite pair of studs! (For those wondering, they are my initials L. D)

Of course when I went back to Paris this year I had to add to the collection and I found myself two of my new favorite pairs!

I get so many compliments on these tassel earrings and they match like 75% of my wardrobe!
The evil eye, pompom and star earrings (the star is kinda hard to see on the bottom of the pompom)

I’ve already added a few new pairs to my collection in Barbados and I am sure I will add more by the time I leave! If you want to start your own collection, it is a process! Don’t just buy a bunch of random earrings at the same store. It’s like buying a wedding dress, take your time and you will find the perfect pair, plus the hunt is half the fun!

I would love to see your earring finds, so tag me in your Instagram pictures or post in the comments!

Love always,

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