The Earring Girl

If you’ve seen me in public chances are I am wearing a pair of earrings. I don’t usually leave the house without them. When I was younger my ears used to be super sensitive to earrings and I would get so frustrated that my friends could go into any store in the mall and buy a pair, throw them on and never have their ears hurt!

I think when I was in Grade 11/12 I noticed that I could start wearing cheap earrings and my ears didn’t hurt! Well I became obsessed in the winter break of my first year in university. I was in a little store in Paris and I found a bunch of amazing earrings that the shop owner had brought back from his travels around Africa. So I bought a pair (more like a few pairs) and voila, the obsession had started. This semester, some of the girls have been calling me the Earring Girl and they say I have given them earring inspiration!

They got a little rusty cause I wore them in the ocean, so if you have any tricks on how to get it off put them in the comments section!

I pretty much buy a new pair of earrings every time I go somewhere new now and also my sisters and mom have helped with my addiction so when they go somewhere they pick me up a new pair too.

Elle’s find all the way from India!

Birthday present from Ivy from Chicago!
Another pair from Ivy that she gave me for Christmas
These were given to me by my cousin Elizabeth and are my favorite pair of studs! (For those wondering, they are my initials L. D)

Of course when I went back to Paris this year I had to add to the collection and I found myself two of my new favorite pairs!

I get so many compliments on these tassel earrings and they match like 75% of my wardrobe!
The evil eye, pompom and star earrings (the star is kinda hard to see on the bottom of the pompom)

I’ve already added a few new pairs to my collection in Barbados and I am sure I will add more by the time I leave! If you want to start your own collection, it is a process! Don’t just buy a bunch of random earrings at the same store. It’s like buying a wedding dress, take your time and you will find the perfect pair, plus the hunt is half the fun!

I would love to see your earring finds, so tag me in your Instagram pictures or post in the comments!

Love always,

The Last 40 Days

I can’t believe that my exchange will officially be over in 40 days. I also can’t believe that I have been living in Barbados for 7 months! It has gone by so so fast, especially since I came back at the end of January.

There is going to be a lot going on in the next 40 days, including finishing up my classes, writing exams, my sisters (Ivy and Elle) coming to visit, and soaking up as much sun as possible before coming home.

My classes here run later than the universities at home because I had a month long break at Christmas so I don’t finish classes until the 18th. My exams also start late because we have a study break before exams, so I have an exam on May 3rd and one on the 7th.

I am really excited that Ivy and Elle get to come to visit me and we are actually all flying home together so they are going to be embracing my last week of living in Barbados. We just placed a massive swimsuit order (like I needed anymore!) for their trip and I swear Ivy is going to have enough swimsuits to wear 3 different suits a day and still never wear the same one.

When I lived in France for a year I wrote a journal every single day and I wanted to turn it into a book. But honestly, my 16 year old writing skills were not that great and I still can’t read that journal without crying. I decided that I would also write a journal here in Barbados and lets just say my 20/21 year old writing skills are much better and so, I have decided that my summer project is going to be turning my journal into a book. (Who knows, maybe it will be a hit and I’ll become a millionaire and can stay in the Caribbean forever).

My journal and an empty cup of coffee

I know that leaving is going to be so hard but I am excited for new adventures in this upcoming year, like starting my fourth year of university (talk about time flying by). Yes my year definitely won’t be as warm as this one but I know that it is going to be a good year.

Love always,

Step into Spring in Style

Honestly spring is a weird time of year in Ontario. One day it is snowing and the next day it is warm and sunny. The weather is changing from winter to summer but doesn’t know which season it wants to be in. Thankfully this year I don’t have to deal with Wheatley Spring (thanks Barbados), but to most of my readers you have to put up with it. So to help you, I have put together a collection of outfits that are perfect for Springtime in Canada.

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The good thing about this outfit, is that the skirt is paired with a long sleeve shirt! You could also pair it with a cardigan or sweater in case it gets chilly! But your legs have been hiding all winter long and it is time to break out some dresses and skirts. Also LOVE these wedges, I am definitely investing in a pair when I get home (hopefully I’ll find some at Winners!).

CBL’s Guide to 30A Florida
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12 outfit ideas to wear espadrilles during spring and summer
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A tank top and jeans is a perfect casual look for the spring weather. Bring along a sweater in your bag and you are prepared just in case! Also how cute is her bag? Wicker basket bags and mesh hole bags are in style this year and your spring outfit is the perfect way to debut them.

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Don’t be afraid to pair shorts with a sweater or cardigan! This outfit is the perfect example of how to style shorts when it isn’t yet summer. You can also wear some sneakers or flats if you aren’t ready to break out the sandals just yet!

Merrick's Art | Light Wash Overalls and Striped Shirt #MerricksArt #freepeople #overalls
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I said this last year and I’ll say it again, overalls are IN! They are also the perfect transition piece, as you can wear a long sleeve or sweater underneath without having to bring a jacket along!

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I am obsessed with this outfit! (I actually got my grams to look for the sweater in store for me but they didn’t have it). White jeans are an easy item to dress up or down depending on the occasion and are also perfect for spring. Pair them with a bright top to get rid of your winter blues!

I hope that this post inspires you to break out some fresh styles for the warmer weather! I would love to see your outfits so you can tag my on my Instagram @mslibbeyjean ❤