I’m Out of Here Y’all

And so it begins again. 

One week ago I was driving home from Fushimi Lake with the Glamping Squad (Mom, Gramma, Ivy and my Aunt Karen and Aunt Chris) rattling off everything I had to do before I had to leave. Well somehow I managed to get it done because I am now sitting in the plane on my way to Florida (how cool is it that my plane has wifi?!). 

Tuesday the whole family took a party bus to Detroit to go and see the Tigers play the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs only play the Tigers in Detroit about once every four years, so we all went to go and honor our Uncle Doug who was the biggest Cubbies fan of all time. We tailgated before the game and after a small sprinkle of rain the most beautiful rainbow came out. We had a lot of laughs, some tears, and some of us a whole lot of beers. 

Thursday one of my best friends (Michelle) from Glendon came down to see me which was amazing. We didn’t do much Thursday afternoon, just hung out and watched a movie which was nice. Friday, we went to Point Pelee and to Windsor. I really wanted to go to Spagos (my favorite restaurant) one last time before I left so we headed to the Casino Friday night. There was a show going on so Spagos was jam packed, which ended up working to our advantage as we got free tiramisu due to the wait for our food!

Yesterday we had an “empty nesters” party as everyone will be heading out of the house within the next week. It was nice yet sad to be saying goodbye to everyone for a while. This exchange is a little bit different than the first though as I will be coming home at Christmas time and spending a month at home before I head back to Barbados.

This morning I woke up at 3am, packed my bags in the car and headed to Detroit. Mom, Dad, Ivy, Gramma and Grampa came to the airport to say goodbye (Elle couldn’t come because she had to work). We all held our breaths as I put my bags on the scale, but somehow I managed to get 98.5/100 pounds (which is not a personal best) of luggage packed for the beach. After getting a full body scan and pat down, I had to watch security open my carryon and take out my peanut butter. Who knew you weren’t allowed to bring “spreads” on the plane either? I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast and went to wait at my gate for boarding. Somehow I lucked out and my plane needing people to check their carryon bags instead on putting them in the overhead bins. I jumped at the chance to have my bag checked for free, meaning I didn’t have to lift a heavy bag into the overhead bins while people watched me struggle and I didn’t have to lug it around Florida on my layover.

And so, I have started my journey towards the Caribbean islands. I am super excited/ nervous and I can’t wait to see my new school. I will be updating everyone in a few days, so stay tuned. (A little tip; you can subscribe to The Blonde Traveler and you will be emailed every time I put out a new blog so you don’t miss any of my adventures!)

Love Always,

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Back to School

As soon as August hits, I know the end of summer is near and back to school shopping begins. Though this year my school uniform will be an assorted array of bikinis, I thought that I would do a “Back to College/University” fashion guide, in honor of no one in my family being in high school anymore. With Ivy going into her second year at the Wilfred Laurier University and Elle attending the University of Waterloo, their style game has got to be perfect. I’ve already given them the inside scoop and today I’m going to share that with all of you.


To see this look click here!

An oversized knit sweater: This is a fashion must have! When sitting in lectures in a freezing cold auditorium you’ll be happy to have a cute and cozy layer! In September and October, be sure to wear a light shirt underneath so when the afternoon sun comes out you can transition your outfit like a pro.


To see this look click here!

Stripes and Black Jeans: I love everything striped and checked because it is so easy to dress up and down! This outfit is chic and casual at the same time (you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard!). If you don’t own a pair of black jeans be sure to put them on your shopping list, not only do they match everything but they can be worn from school, to work, to dates!


To see this look click here!

Who says you can’t wear white after labour day?: In personal experience, in some classes you have to dress nicer than others, whether it’s to stand out, impress the teacher or even fit in with everyone else! This outfit is a perfect example of how to “dress up” when going to class! My key rule is you can wear white jeans until it starts snowing (otherwise you will blend in)!


To see this look click here!

No more bad hair days!: College/ University comes with many new found freedoms and in my cases no dress code. You can now take use of your entire wardrobe, even when you’re in class! Throw on a hat when you’re running late and no one will even know you were having a bad hair day. Work the accessories girl!


To see this look click here!

T-shirt dress: I love a good t-shirt dress and they are perfect for back to school and fall. Add a jean jacket or army coat when you need a layer and you’ll have the perfect outfit!

Overall, just be yourself! Wear what makes you comfortable because that is what’s going to make you happy! Have fun back to school shopping and a huge good luck to anyone going into their first year of college/uni (especially my little sister Elle Belly).

Love always,

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If you are in need of more ideas be sure to check out my Spring Style post! You’ll be sure to find some other great options for this weekend and for Spring!

Northern Living

Well, I’ve been living in Northern Ontario for over a month now and I am loving every second of it. The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy with work and I apologize that I haven’t been able to post anything for a while. With limited internet access and cell service, Ivy and I tend to spend as much time outside as possible to pass our time. The weather here has been gorgeous and it has been perfect for swimming and kayaking, which we do a lot of here. Last week I went wake boarding (snowboarding on water) with two girls I work with and had so much fun. Even though I only stood up for a few seconds every time, they were super impressed and said next time I will for sure get the hang of it! The day after I paid my dues though; my arms, legs and back were in pain and I felt like I was 100 years old (LOL).

Last week, my parents came up to visit and we had a great time. We spent lots of time outside and in the water, relaxing and taking in the gorgeous sunshine. The last two days they were here it rained which meant we were stuck in the cabin but we still made the best of it. It’s crazy to think that in 25 days I am going to be getting on a plane for Barbados. Speaking of Barbados, I have been participating in a bunch of conference calls regarding exchange, payments (which have been coming in in buckets full) and meeting faculty at UWI via video. It officially hit me that I am leaving. I knew this was going to happen, as it did when I went to France on exchange but I have been waiting for that “a-ha moment” and it has finally happened. Because I am only going to have few days when I get home before I get on a jet plane, so I’ve been doing as much online shopping as possible to get everything I need before I go.

I hope that wherever you are reading from that your summer is going great and you are taking advantage of the beautiful weather. After all there is only 21 weeks until winter begins and this year I’m only going to have to deal with it for one month instead of four.

Love always,

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