Two Months Today

It’s officially official. I am moving to Barbados (how freaking cool does that sound?!?). Yesterday I booked my flight to Bridgetown, Barbados for August 26th. It’s really happening and I have thousands of emotions running through my head, but overall I am excited for this new adventure and chapter in my life. The past week I’ve been finalizing my acceptance to UWI – Cave Hill, finishing my visa requirements and handing in a bunch of paperwork. When I haven’t been focusing on my exchange things, I’ve been working (my new job) and enjoying the beauty of my summer home.

Last week I moved more than halfway across Ontario for a job that I didn’t know much about; and I have never been happier. I decided that I needed a change in my life and this job opportunity was just that – a big change. I’ve been living in Northern Ontario just outside of a town called Hearst for over a week now and I have already done so much. I am working at Fushimi Lake Provincial Park as customer relations rep and inspections officer. This job was a huge jump for me, since I haven’t worked in Ontario Parks for three years and it is unlike anything I’ve done before. I have so many things to do, which is perfect because I am always busy and the days have been flying by. The main component of my job is to inspect everything in the Park, make sure everything is in working order and is in compliance with the standards and write a report about it.

Because I have to leave my job early (since I need to go to Barbados), I have been working a bunch of extra shifts in order to make up the days I won’t be here for. As of right now I will be coming home on August 21st and then will be leaving from Detroit to Barbados on the 26th. I have already started to make lists, checklists, and more lists about everything that I need to do in the few days I am home before I leave.

Another update for everyone! My university is officially not on strike anymore, so I have been finishing up a few little assignments and waiting for my marks to start coming in. I am so glad that I didn’t end up losing any of my classes or year because of the strike and I will be able to continue my schooling as normal.

Everything is starting to fall into place, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Love always,

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5 thoughts on “Two Months Today

  1. Holy!! Exciting news Libbey! Can’t wait to see where life takes you next – travel safely back home and to Barbados!
    UB & AA

  2. Hey Libbey!!
    This is such amazing news!! I am SO proud of you! You’re living your life to the fullest and doing so gaining so many experiences!!
    Work hard
    Have a blast!
    And blog lots!!
    Sue Sacripanti

  3. I’M so jealous! I hope you have a wonderful summer in Hearst!
    I am also hoping I made that list of must see before you leave….
    If I can help with anything let me know!

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