The Ultimate Prom Guide

With Prom season just around the corner, I thought I would share some inside info so that your prom will go off without a hitch. Whether this is your first prom or your fourth, I’d like to share some key ideas so you can have fun and also save money!

In 2016, I attended 2 Prom’s in the same week. It was crazy. Two different dresses, makeup looks, different hair styles. I wore a brand new pair of high heels to Prom #1 which I was also supposed to wear to Prom #2 (my high schools prom). After getting pictures, dancing and walking around at Prom #1, my feet were like jello and I could not bring myself to even put a foot in the high heel for Prom #2. This ended up being a great decision (no matter what my mother said). 90% of the girls at Prom #2 bought brand new (expensive) high heels to wear, ended up taking them off as soon as we got to the venue, and have probably never wore them since. I wore my (what people like to call Jesus sandals) and I was perfectly comfortable all night long. If you are wearing a long dress, wear whatever shoes you want, no one will see them.

If you can save money doing your hair yourself, then do it. To spend anywhere from $50- a couple hundred dollars getting your hair done for a few hours, it better be the best hairdo mankind has seen. If you, your mom or anyone else in you family is good at doing hair, then let them do it! There are thousand of tutorials on Pinterest now a days. (If you are doing you hair yourself be sure to do a practice run, and give yourself some extra time on Prom day!)

Makeup is not my forté and most days I just put on a little mascara. This is where I had to call in help from my cousin Elizabeth. Liz just finished her makeup certificate in Toronto and is my go-to for any major event. Not only did Liz do my makeup for Prom #2 but she also helped make my hair dreams come to life! If you want to see more of Liz’s work click here or check out her website!

Finally the dress. My original plan was to wear the same dress to both Prom #1 and #2, but my mm had different ideas. After Ivy got invited to Prom #2, she needed a dress and my mom made me tag along while shopping. Next thing I knew, I was trying on dresses beside Ivy. This was only a few days before Prom #2. If you go Prom dress shopping in the U.S later in the season, all the dresses are on sale as their Prom’s run from April – the end of May. I ended up getting my Prom dress for 70% off which is the only reason I even had two dresses! If you want to save some money, wait last-minute to buy your dress or loan one from a friend or family member! I borrowed a dress from my cousin Elizabeth for Prom #1, which you can see in the pictures below!

Overall, don’t rush into things when it comes to Prom. Doing things yourself such as your hair and nails can save you a lot of money! With college coming up in the fall, you’re going to need every last penny you have!


Prom #1 (Dress borrowed from my cousin!)
Makeup by Elizabeth Bassett
Childhood Best Friend Jacob ❤

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