Coconuts About Cuba

Less than 2 weeks ago I got a call from my Gramma asking if I wanted to go to Cuba with her, my aunts and cousins. Obviously I said yes.

I packed what I had of my summer clothes in Wheatley (most of them are in Toronto in my dorm room) and we got on a plane in Windsor and headed to Cayo Coco, Cuba. We arrived at Meliá Jardines Del Rey Tuesday evening where it was still very hot. I have only been to one all inclusive before (last year in Mazatlan, Mexico), but this resort was a new experience. It was MASSIVE. We were pretty lucky to get rooms in Bungalow 22 which was close to the pool, beach and the lobby.

Wednesday was Casey (my cousin’s) birthday. We spent the entire day by the pool and man was it hot. I have never been anywhere this late in the year and I was not expecting such a difference in temperature, but with a UV index of 11+ it was a new type of heat for me. So needless to say the first day, I fried. After that we all learned to limit our time in the sun and in the shade, with an exception for the last day when we all tried to get as dark as possible before coming home LOL! That night we had a very nice dinner at an a la carte restaurant and the whole restaurant sang happy birthday including a little mariachi band!

The week went by extremely fast, with us spending most of our days at the beach. Normally I do not like swimming in the ocean when I cannot see what could be touching my feet or leg, but in Cuba the water is crystal clear. Throughout the day it seemed to turn even more shades of turquoise and blue that you didn’t even know existed. We made friends with a bartender and he instantly became our cabana boy checking on us at least once every 20 minutes. The beach was definitely our favourite part and I am super excited that I will be living on the same Sea in just a few months in Barbados!

We all had an amazing time and came back 10 shades darker than when we left. We shared a lot of laughs and a lot of new inside jokes will be shared for years to come. Now it’s back to reality except for me. My university is still on strike so I am not doing much until the Golf Course opens up. I have to go up to Toronto soon, to pack up my dorm room and hopefully see my friends one last time before I leave on exchange.

Below are some of my favourite pictures from vacation, hope you enjoy.

Love always,

Libbey Jean

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