Start Focusing on the Good Stuff

Have you ever noticed how much time people spend on their phones? Or how much time you spend on yours? Recently I was sitting in a cafe with my mom, drinking lattes and eating croissants and as I watched people walking down the street I noticed people staring at their phones.

I continued looking out the window and groups of twos, threes, and fours would walk by and at least one person was on their phone while the others talked. I couldn’t believe that on such a beautiful day and spending time with friends or family that some people cared more about whatever was going on online.

I brought the topic up to my mom and she had an amazing thing to say. “Imagine you pay a couple hundred bucks to go and see your favorite singer in concert. Some people are so worried about getting the perfect picture or video that they aren’t even paying attention to the actual concert. Why spend a lot of money on someone you want to see in real life , when you are still looking at them through a screen.”

A few weeks ago I forgot my laptop in Wheatley and for an entire week I didn’t have it in Toronto. I could not believe how many situations I was in where I was like “Wow I wish I had my laptop right now!” The amount of time I spent on the internet is horrible, so I’ve tried to make it a mission to spend less time in the virtual world and more time focusing on the real one. Try putting your phone down and going for a walk, or hanging out with friends (sans cellphone!). Once I started focusing on the good stuff I felt at ease. I wasn’t trying to take the perfect picture, I had no one to impress on social media, I was actually there in the moment. Life is short so instead of walking down the street with phone in hand try talking to your friends.

This weekend I encourage everyone to take a break from the internet, from facebook, from texting. Put your phone, iPad , or laptop down for just a few minutes and enjoy the good view.


3 thoughts on “Start Focusing on the Good Stuff

  1. What a mature comment to make….We all spend too much time looking at a screen of some sort and I really like your challenge!!!

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