Why it’s Important Companies Have Good Customer Service

I can without a doubt name my favourite customer service agents for companies. Lululemon, Starbucks, Otterbox. When I am buying a product, I want to know that if something goes wrong or I am unhappy with its service, that the company will step in and try to help me. I’m not going to lie, I complain a lot. Like a lot, a lot. People in my family even ask me to complain for them because they know I will get them results (which is true, I do get results).

I actually enjoy buying a good quality product that I can recommend to people. If this product is $100 and the generic product is $10, if I know that the $100 product will go with me in the long run and if something did happen to it, customer service would help me out, then you can be darn tooting that’s the one I’m buying. I never cheap out, ever.

Over the past few years, Lululemon has been offering new fabrics (luon or mesh tights), some of which I have not liked. In the summer I had purchased a pair of tights with mesh, and after one wear the mesh started to rip. After a quick chat through customer service, the agent was happy to send me a gift card for the full price of the tights (you have to send the ripped tights back to the company). Even if the prices of their tights range from about $60-120, I don’t mind spending a little extra money knowing that I am going to be getting a good quality tight. And if not? Customer service will find the best solution to make you happy.

The key thing I tell people is that big companies pay people to help you. So if you ever have a question about products or services, it’s only a quick email or call away. As my mom always says, it never hurts to ask. If you feel entitled to a certain quality or service, then let the company know how they performed. All in all, don’t skip out on products because most of the time they will disappoint you in the end. If spending a few extra dollars means a guarantee for a good product or customer service, then to me it is with it 100%.


One thought on “Why it’s Important Companies Have Good Customer Service

  1. I also love Lululemon. And you are definitely right, that their customer service is exceptional. I had a problem with a jacket that I purchased. The material under the underarm balled after only a couple of wears. They were awesome and sent me a new jacket that had different fabric in this spot.

    Also, you mom is right. It never hurts to ask. She is actually at TDHS today in the office. It is so nice having her in the building.

    Love your blog!!! Fashion and writing is in your future….

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