Valentine’s Day From a Very Special Guest

I am a hopeless romantic. A new “Hallmark” movie, a wedding, sweet whispers, a crooning love song, holding hands, secret giggles or stolen kisses, all set my heart a flutter and have me swooning like a lovesick teen. So needless to say I love Valentines Day. The house is decorated and plans are falling into place.

It is really unclear who this Valentine fellow was, apparently there were a few St. Valentines, some a whole lot worse than others. I think I’m going to stick with the one from 270AD who went against the Emperor of the day, he absolutely forbid marriages, but Valentine thought this was unfair and performed Christian marriages in secret. AHHHH!!! But he was caught, jailed and beheaded for the act. Okay I can do without the whole beheading thing but to risk one’s life for love wow!

There is so much chatter about how commercial the day has become, really, a special day to express your love, who can disagree with that. And if it comes with roses, chocolate, or a sappy card, I say bring it on.

To be honest I capitalized a little this year on the holiday. My niece, Casey, and I have a little cookie business. We don’t make much money at it but we do have a great time together decorating cookies and chatting about how one day we will be the cookie queens! This year we had some orders for Valentine cookies. The kitchen for the last week has been alive with the making, baking and decorating of beautiful heart shaped cookies! Now the cookies are packaged and delivered I am free to start the plans for my Valentine Day.

I love my husband. Celebrating love with him is an honour. Valentines day for us won’t start off much different than any other day. Waking up to the love of my life and sipping tea while trying to balance two puppies on our laps doesn’t necessarily ring signs of romance but oh how sweet it is. Later the dinner table will be set with candles, the good china, and a very fine vintage red. We will enjoy an appetizer of broiled herb and garlic mussels and then move on to a delicious dinner on the raclette, where we will grill our own salmon or steak, baby potatoes, asparagus and top it all off with a our choice of melted cheese . All the while enjoying each others company. While cleaning things up we will ask “Alexa” to play a Leonard Cohen love song and have a dance around the kitchen. The puppies will be yipping to get our attention but for a few moments we will ignore their pleas and be lost in a dance. Later we will have tea and some of the oops cookies. Not too much different from normal, but hopefully at some time during the day we will both take a minute to thank God for His love and for blessing us with each other.

February, even being the shortest month can sometimes drag on. But celebrating a day with the ones you love, watching the Olympics, looking forward to Family Day and getting ready to mark the occasion of Libbey’s 20th birthday help to make February 2018, one exciting month!

Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone!

Lots of Love

Ivy xo

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day From a Very Special Guest

  1. You ROCK, Ivy! Your love, for love, would make the loveliest of Hallmark movies! This post makes me so happy to be a part of your circle in life!!

    Love you so much. Xo ❤️

  2. Very well said Ms Ivy, I will have to put my order in next year for some of your cookies! They look great!
    Everyday that you get to wake up with the one you love, is special. This year marks our 38th year. I am grateful for everyone of them..
    Keep dancing in the kitchen.
    Have a great day.

  3. Happy Valentine’s to you. Your cookies are gorgeous. You have so many talents and you are so creative!!! I can’t believe that you are going to be 20!!!! My son Aaron celebrates his birthday today. He will be 27!!!!

    All the best to you. I always smile when I see one of your posts.

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