My Skin Care Routine

Having clean and healthy skin has been something I’ve strived for, for years. Having acne since the start of high school, I tried pretty much every medication and cream you could think of. some of which worked for a month or two and then my skin went back to being acne filled and dry. Today I am going to show you the products that I use to keep my face clean and healthy! (This may not clear up your acne, but these are the products that have worked for me in the past year.)


First up is Avène Eau Thermale – Micellar Lotion

Where to buy: 200mL bottle for $49.67 (pictured is a 400mL bottle), Shoppers Drug Mart 

Micellar water is a great way to clean your face of any grease, left over make up of dirt that has collected in your pores from the day. I usually use this when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed every night. This leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed before putting other products on.

There are many different brands of micellar water (some more expensive than others), but some I have used have left my skin feeling greasy dirty. I personally did not like Garnier’s Waterproof Micellar Water which left my skin extremely oily that I had to wash my face after.

A family favorite is Bioderma’s Micellar Water. At Shoppers Drug Mart, you can get 2 x 500mL bottles for $29.99 when they have their special which usually happens every two months. One bottle of this can last about a year depending on how much you use it!


Next up is Simple Protecting Cream

Where to buy, your local grocery store, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Winners also sells this product occasionally! (Winners had the best price at $6.99)

I use this product twice a day and it has reduced my dry skin problem. This is a very light weight moisturizer and it does not leave your skin feeling greasy in the slightest. For a long time I refused to use moisturizer because I thought it was making my acne worse but it was actually the opposite. Using this moisturizer actually helped make my skin healthy and less dry. Also, this cream has 15SPF so it is perfect for wearing all the time, even in the summer to protect your skin. I recommend this product to everyone!

IMG_5618Finally, Noxema Classic Clean Moisturizing Cleansing Cream

Where to buy, Shoppers Drug Mart or (Amazon has the best price I’ve found at $6.98)

This is a face wash that cleans and refreshes your skin. It is perfect to remove heavy make up and oil from everyday activities. I usually use this product once every other day so that my skin does not dry out. After every wash, I apply moisturizer to keep my skin fresh. This is the best non-medicated face wash I have found and it helps reduce the redness and size of pimples.

I hope you enjoyed my little skin care routine and I hope you incorporate some of my favorite products into your everyday routine! Let me know what products you have tried and how they worked for you!



One thought on “My Skin Care Routine

  1. You are so informative!!! Even though my acne is gone (due to age), my skin can still be dry. When I saw your Noxema recommendation, I smiled because that product has been around for decades….LOL

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