Unexpectedly Warm Weekend

Reading week quickly came to an end and before I knew it we were loading up the car with kids and luggage to head back to school. Saturday we dropped Ivy and Declan off in Waterloo before heading to Toronto. Mom and Elle spent the night with me because Elle had her last official India meeting before she leaves on FRIDAY!!!! We are all extremely jealous! She is going to be the first person in our family to travel to India where she is going to be spending a little more than two weeks teaching children English and touring the country.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to drop Elle off at school and then Mom and I went out for coffee. Our go to spot has been Bobette and Belle but we wanted to try something new so we walked across the street into a little bakery called Patisserie Sebastien. Let me just say it was extremely French and delicious. Mom and I both got lattes and a croissant to share. That was our first mistake and we ended up ordering another croissant and more lattes. The chef was French, so Mom made me order in French just so she could listen to me (it was extremely awkward lol).

We did some shopping at Yorkdale and after we picked up Elle we returned so that she could buy a few more things for her trip. Mom dropped me off at school in the early afternoon and they left for home. The rest of the afternoon I did some reading in my window sill as it was so nice and sunny and I watched The Zookeeper’s Wife. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! It’s on Netflix, so watch it while it’s there.

Today was a regular Monday, except my school is bustling as there is a very high chance that we will be going on strike as of next Monday. I really hope that it is avoided so that we can just continue the semester as normal, but it doesn’t seem like my wishes will come true. As many of you know I have been working extremely hard on a piece for my art class and I have been trying to get as much as possible finished in case we do strike. Today I finished about 4 more panels and I am super excited to share what I have finished so far with all of you. (A huge thank you to my Aunt Chris for helping me pick out the best paint!)

I hope that you all have a fabulous week! Talk soon,



Why it’s Important Companies Have Good Customer Service

I can without a doubt name my favourite customer service agents for companies. Lululemon, Starbucks, Otterbox. When I am buying a product, I want to know that if something goes wrong or I am unhappy with its service, that the company will step in and try to help me. I’m not going to lie, I complain a lot. Like a lot, a lot. People in my family even ask me to complain for them because they know I will get them results (which is true, I do get results).

I actually enjoy buying a good quality product that I can recommend to people. If this product is $100 and the generic product is $10, if I know that the $100 product will go with me in the long run and if something did happen to it, customer service would help me out, then you can be darn tooting that’s the one I’m buying. I never cheap out, ever.

Over the past few years, Lululemon has been offering new fabrics (luon or mesh tights), some of which I have not liked. In the summer I had purchased a pair of tights with mesh, and after one wear the mesh started to rip. After a quick chat through customer service, the agent was happy to send me a gift card for the full price of the tights (you have to send the ripped tights back to the company). Even if the prices of their tights range from about $60-120, I don’t mind spending a little extra money knowing that I am going to be getting a good quality tight. And if not? Customer service will find the best solution to make you happy.

The key thing I tell people is that big companies pay people to help you. So if you ever have a question about products or services, it’s only a quick email or call away. As my mom always says, it never hurts to ask. If you feel entitled to a certain quality or service, then let the company know how they performed. All in all, don’t skip out on products because most of the time they will disappoint you in the end. If spending a few extra dollars means a guarantee for a good product or customer service, then to me it is with it 100%.


20! 20! 20!

20 on the 20th is the slogan this year baby! I’ve been excited for my Champagne birthday for years and today, it is finally here. I just wanted to thank everyone sending the love and best wishes today, it really means a lot. I hope that this year is filled with new friendships, new adventures and a lot more laughs.

13131290_10153500840617093_511526052888513973_o (1).jpg

15 years later and still a sunbathing beauty

Even though today is my birthday, it is a very sad day for my family. As many of you may know my Uncle Doug passed away and today is the viewing. We are all truly devastated. I am asking for prayers for my entire family, but especially for my beautiful Aunt Karen ❤


Libbey Jean

Spring Break Can Still Be Stylish

Spring Break is just around the corner and I could not be any more excited! For many of us Spring Break is an excuse to hit the beach all day every day for seven days, and not worry about much except for what swimsuit we are going to wear the next day. Instead of throwing on a random pair of shorts when you go into town try these alternatives for a chic upgrade.I always dress up a little when I go out to town or for dinner, it means if there is a perfect picture op you will look your best!

Pro Tip: Whites, blacks and bright pinks will make your tan pop!

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Valentine’s Day From a Very Special Guest

I am a hopeless romantic. A new “Hallmark” movie, a wedding, sweet whispers, a crooning love song, holding hands, secret giggles or stolen kisses, all set my heart a flutter and have me swooning like a lovesick teen. So needless to say I love Valentines Day. The house is decorated and plans are falling into place.

It is really unclear who this Valentine fellow was, apparently there were a few St. Valentines, some a whole lot worse than others. I think I’m going to stick with the one from 270AD who went against the Emperor of the day, he absolutely forbid marriages, but Valentine thought this was unfair and performed Christian marriages in secret. AHHHH!!! But he was caught, jailed and beheaded for the act. Okay I can do without the whole beheading thing but to risk one’s life for love wow!

There is so much chatter about how commercial the day has become, really, a special day to express your love, who can disagree with that. And if it comes with roses, chocolate, or a sappy card, I say bring it on.

To be honest I capitalized a little this year on the holiday. My niece, Casey, and I have a little cookie business. We don’t make much money at it but we do have a great time together decorating cookies and chatting about how one day we will be the cookie queens! This year we had some orders for Valentine cookies. The kitchen for the last week has been alive with the making, baking and decorating of beautiful heart shaped cookies! Now the cookies are packaged and delivered I am free to start the plans for my Valentine Day.

I love my husband. Celebrating love with him is an honour. Valentines day for us won’t start off much different than any other day. Waking up to the love of my life and sipping tea while trying to balance two puppies on our laps doesn’t necessarily ring signs of romance but oh how sweet it is. Later the dinner table will be set with candles, the good china, and a very fine vintage red. We will enjoy an appetizer of broiled herb and garlic mussels and then move on to a delicious dinner on the raclette, where we will grill our own salmon or steak, baby potatoes, asparagus and top it all off with a our choice of melted cheese . All the while enjoying each others company. While cleaning things up we will ask “Alexa” to play a Leonard Cohen love song and have a dance around the kitchen. The puppies will be yipping to get our attention but for a few moments we will ignore their pleas and be lost in a dance. Later we will have tea and some of the oops cookies. Not too much different from normal, but hopefully at some time during the day we will both take a minute to thank God for His love and for blessing us with each other.

February, even being the shortest month can sometimes drag on. But celebrating a day with the ones you love, watching the Olympics, looking forward to Family Day and getting ready to mark the occasion of Libbey’s 20th birthday help to make February 2018, one exciting month!

Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone!

Lots of Love

Ivy xo

Statement Boots

I love a good cowboy boot or bootie. But living in the big city and wearing cowboy boots might get you a few weird looks, so I am going to share some of my favorite boots to wear with pretty much anything for every occasion. Boots are expensive though so make sure to always look at Nordstroms Rack, Marshalls and Winners!

I personally own this boot above and I absolutely love them! Online they $119USD but I found them at Nordstrom’s Rack this summer for $40USD! My key is not to rush to buy things as soon as I see them online, if it’s meant to be then maybe you will find them on sale or in store for a lot less!

I hope you are all keeping your feet warm (and styling) in this freezing cold Canadian weather!


My Skin Care Routine

Having clean and healthy skin has been something I’ve strived for, for years. Having acne since the start of high school, I tried pretty much every medication and cream you could think of. some of which worked for a month or two and then my skin went back to being acne filled and dry. Today I am going to show you the products that I use to keep my face clean and healthy! (This may not clear up your acne, but these are the products that have worked for me in the past year.)


First up is Avène Eau Thermale – Micellar Lotion

Where to buy: Amazon.ca 200mL bottle for $49.67 (pictured is a 400mL bottle), Shoppers Drug Mart 

Micellar water is a great way to clean your face of any grease, left over make up of dirt that has collected in your pores from the day. I usually use this when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed every night. This leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed before putting other products on.

There are many different brands of micellar water (some more expensive than others), but some I have used have left my skin feeling greasy dirty. I personally did not like Garnier’s Waterproof Micellar Water which left my skin extremely oily that I had to wash my face after.

A family favorite is Bioderma’s Micellar Water. At Shoppers Drug Mart, you can get 2 x 500mL bottles for $29.99 when they have their special which usually happens every two months. One bottle of this can last about a year depending on how much you use it!


Next up is Simple Protecting Cream

Where to buy, your local grocery store, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Winners also sells this product occasionally! (Winners had the best price at $6.99)

I use this product twice a day and it has reduced my dry skin problem. This is a very light weight moisturizer and it does not leave your skin feeling greasy in the slightest. For a long time I refused to use moisturizer because I thought it was making my acne worse but it was actually the opposite. Using this moisturizer actually helped make my skin healthy and less dry. Also, this cream has 15SPF so it is perfect for wearing all the time, even in the summer to protect your skin. I recommend this product to everyone!

IMG_5618Finally, Noxema Classic Clean Moisturizing Cleansing Cream

Where to buy, Shoppers Drug Mart or Amazon.ca (Amazon has the best price I’ve found at $6.98)

This is a face wash that cleans and refreshes your skin. It is perfect to remove heavy make up and oil from everyday activities. I usually use this product once every other day so that my skin does not dry out. After every wash, I apply moisturizer to keep my skin fresh. This is the best non-medicated face wash I have found and it helps reduce the redness and size of pimples.

I hope you enjoyed my little skin care routine and I hope you incorporate some of my favorite products into your everyday routine! Let me know what products you have tried and how they worked for you!



Date Night Outfit – Valentine’s Edition

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, your plans are probably finalized but you probably are still trying to pick out the perfect outfit. Here are 8 different outfits perfect for a casual or fancy date night! If you do not have any red in your closet, light or blush pink is a different alternative that looks perfect as well! If you want to add a subtle hint of red to your outfit, try a bright red nail or lip. Accessories are also a perfect way to add a pop of color!


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Hair Training


Hair training might actually be harder than training for a half marathon, but the end result is worth it.

My hair is naturally very shiny but it also gets greasy after one day of wear. I took on the habit of washing my hair every single day to make sure that my hair didn’t look the slightest bit greasy. The only problem is that washing your hair every single day is super unhealthy for it and it can actually make it more greasy. Who knew right?! So for the past few weeks I have started to train my hair, in order to reduce the amount of unhealthy oils it produces and the build up of the oils (which makes it look greasy!).

I am going to take you through the 5 day cleansing process I did. This is the method that has started working on my hair resulting in less oil build up but it may not work for all hair types!

Day 1:

  • Shower in the morning
  • Air dry hair at least 60% and then finish by blow drying
  • Style with as little heat as possible

Day 2:

  • Style with no heat (leaving hair down as is or putting it up)

Day 3:

  • Dry shampoo
  • Bun, pony tail or braid

Pro tip: I find that the best way to hide greasy hair is in braids! You can try two dutch braids or a crown braid to cover your greasy locks!

Day 4:

  • Wash with water
    • This is the step where I have begun experimenting! Some stylists recommend washing your hair with apple cider vinegar and though I haven’t tried this yet I have used fresh lime juice which made my hair extremely soft!
  • Air dry completely
  • Bun, pony tail or braid

Day 5:

Every night sleep with your hair in a high pony tail secured with a scrunchie. This will avoid grease from roots getting to the ends of your hair!

Repeat the steps until you start noticing your hair producing less oil buildup. You can then start to wash your hair after 3 days and it should be more manageable and less greasy then before you started the cleanse!

Let me know what you think about training your hair and if it’s worked for you in the comments below!




In Print

Hey everyone! So today I’m doing something a little bit of a different blog. Yesterday one of my articles was printed in my schools newspaper which is not a huge deal but I thought I would share the article with you! (For everyone who does not like politics *cough* *cough* Mom, you might want to stop reading here 😉 )IMG_5589

Minimum Wage Increase… More Like Misfortune

When you first heard about the Ontario Liberal Party’s idea to increase minimum wage back in 2014, your first reaction was probably to be ecstatic. I know mine was — then I realized what a horrible misfortune it would really be for this legislation to pass, which it ultimately did. On January 1st, the minimum wage in Ontario increased to $14 an hour. But what about people not earning minimum wage? Did their salaries also increase $2.40 an hour? The answer is absolutely not, and that is a major issue.

Why, you ask? The increase in minimum wage also leads to inflation, which means more expensive groceries, gas, rent, and even tuition fees. While these inflationary changes won’t immediately take hold, price rises are inevitable. Short term rises (separate from the effects of the aforementioned inflation) will also take place as employers are forced to squeeze their margins to compensate for paying their employees more. A minimum wage hike of 21% could eventually lead to a 21% increase in the cost of rent or groceries. That means that an individual with $1000 a month in expenses would need to pay an extra $210 for the same goods and services — yet only 11% of Canadians have had their paid wages increased as part of the Liberals legislation; the other 89% of working Canadians are unlikely to benefit at all.

What’s more, small and family-run businesses have also been threatened and many have been forced to reduce hours or let people go because they cannot afford to pay the increase. The government has put an unimaginable burden on these businesses, and for many of them it’s only a matter of time before they close their doors for good. But the Ontario Liberals did not take into consideration the potentially negative repercussions of their legislation; instead, they saw a chance to make more money through taxes and seized it without considering how much they would be hurting Ontarians.

Many high school and university students work minimum wage jobs, as they require little skill and are easy positions to replace when the person moves on. Instead of filling these positions, businesses are now combining jobs or eliminating them entirely to save money. And for those businesses that do continue to run as they did in 2017, they will likely be forced to increase prices and reduce their hours to make up the difference. This means that even though individuals are getting paid more per hour as a result of this minimum wage legislation, working Ontarians could be pocketing even less money as a result of diminished hours and increased spending costs.


Thank you all for reading, I hope you liked the little change! (Also, this is just my opinion, so if you don’t agree with me, I take zero of it to heart)