Review: Apple Watch Series 3

Hey everyone! I hope your Wednesday is going as fabulous as mine is! I thought I would do something a little different today and give a review on the Apple Watch Series 3. So you may have noticed in my pictures that I have been sporting the Apple Watch on my wrist. It very quickly became a new staple in my everyday life and I absolutely love it. I get questions about it on a daily basis so I thought I could answer them for everyone who is thinking about buying one in the near future or if you’re wondering if it is the right product for you (considering I did hours of research before buying mine, I’ll put all of the information I learned in this post as well).

Working out: 

Many of you know that I work out a lot, whether its taking classes at the gym, running on the treadmill, swimming, or walking to Starbucks. I have used other fitness trackers in the past including the brand of Misfit watches and Fitbit. I enjoyed both of these trackers but they did have downsides including that they were not the most attractive watches to wear everyday and they were not waterproof. When I started looking into buying an Apple watch I knew that it had to be waterproof to track my swimming into my daily exercise count. I purchased the series 3 as it is the newest of the Apple Watches, it has a GPS, better battery life, etc.

A great feature of the Watch is being able to track everything I do at the gym including, treadmill workouts, Yoga, HITT workouts, and my swimming. Whereas a treadmill may tell you how many calories you’ve burned in your hour run, the watch tells you the active calories you’ve burned (based on your heart rate) and also the distance is extremely accurate and more reliable than what the treadmill says.

For outdoor runners: The Watch has a very cool feature to track where you have run and you can save routes that you have taken in the past right on the Watch. If you want to go on a route that you’ve ran before but can’t remember exactly where you went, the Watch cam give you directions! The Watch tracks your time per km and also gives you an overall average at the end of your run.

Text Messages/ Notifications: 

The Watch notifies you when you get a text message, snapchat, or even a phone call. You can reply to the text message right away through the list of simple texts that the Watch offers such as “On my way”, “thank you”, “almost here”, or you can make custom messages that can pop up as well. The Watch also gives you fitness reminders throughout the day, reminding you to stand up for at least one minute an hour or to take a minute to breathe. I have been finding myself more encouraged to stand and to “fill my activity circles” each day by accomplishing certain tasks, (burning so many active calories, exercising for 30 minutes, and standing at least once a minute for 12 hours).

Apple Pay: 

I hate carrying my phone and wallet around when I’m out and about running errands. The Watch has literally fixed this problem, because when I’m out I can pay with my Watch. I have my loaded Starbucks card right on the Watch so that I can scan it when I’m getting a coffee. If you’re worried that someone could access the information on your Watch, you can set a passcode so that the Watch will no open the app screen until you enter the code.

Battery Life: 

The Apple Watch does use more battery than other fitness trackers, but I usually wear the Watch for two entire days before having to charge it. I usually charge it while I’m sleeping and then throw it on the next morning, so I don’t miss out on anything I do during the day. I’m not going to lie that the battery life actually exceeded my expectations and it only takes about 30-40 minutes to charge completely.

My Overall Opinion: 

I highly recommend the Apple Watch to everyone. It is a very useful tool to have and though I’m still learning about of all it’s features, so far I love what I’ve discovered. You do need an iPhone to use the Apple Watch which is the only downside for Android users. Though the Watch is more expensive than some other fitness trackers, it’s price is equal to its quality.



Apple Watch Series 3 – 38mm Silver Aluminum Fog

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