The Wide Trouser

If you don’t already own a pair of wide trousers, then I highly suggest you go and buy a pair. Not only are they comfortable but they pair well with almost anything. You’ve probably seen at least a few pictures of me sporting these pants on my Instagram, because they’re chic and a hot item for Spring 2018. Pair with a sparkly top for a night out, or a knit sweater for the office; for both looks you’ll be chic and comfy all day long.


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3 thoughts on “The Wide Trouser

  1. Kim says:

    Hi there,
    Libbey. You look like a model and look amazing in those wide leg trousers. You are also a fashionista and look so chic in whatever you put on. I am short and did not think I could wear the wide leg pants, but I am definitely going to try because of your photo.

    • libbeyjean says:

      Yes Mrs.B!!!! You would look amazing in them!! Sometimes if they are a little too long, I wear them with wedges so that you can see my feet! Hope everything is going well, hopefully I can pop by soon ~ Libbey

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