Kicking 2018 Into High Gear

Hello blog readers!

I hope that the start of 2018 is treating you right and that you may have a fantastic year ahead of you! Since the beginning of this month I’ve been pretty busy; coming back to Toronto, getting into the groove of school again, and making more time for yoga, I haven’t had much of a break.

Last weekend was a lot of fun as I got to help out at a braid bar downtown at Barre Works on Queen Street. I spent the entire morning braiding with Aylin who owns Cabello by Carolina and we had a blast! My arms were exhausted the next day from braiding so many people! On Sunday, Mom, Ivy and Elle came to the city because Elle had an India meeting. Mom, Ivy and I went out for coffee and baked goods at a little cafe called Bobette and Belle (if you haven’t been I highly suggest it!). We went shopping after at Winners and Marshalls, and before you know it Elle’s class was done and they left.

This week was pretty relaxing because I finished a lot of my reading during Christmas break, so on Wednesday I went to Keele (the main campus) to get some better food and to get out of my room! This weekend was the first weekend that I haven’t been busy probably since September so it was a little weird being alone. Usually I will go home, Mom will be in the city, or I will have an event to attend. I decided to make good use of my alone time, so on Friday I went to go an see The Post with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks (I actually like going to the movies myself even if Mom thinks its a little weird). I highly recommend the movie to everyone, it exceeded my expectations! Yesterday and today have been very laid back, mainly doing reading, yoga and going to Starbucks. The weather has been so nice, I wanted to take advantage of it before it starts raining and snowing again!

This week I don’t have much planned, just submitting a few assignments here and there. Mom and Ivy are coming on Friday because we have to go and get Elle’s visa for India Saturday morning.

If any of you have any suggestions of what you want to hear about in my life or want to know more about places to see or things to do in Toronto, you can direct message my blog, Facebook or Instagram and I will be sure to incorporate it into future blogs! I will update you all later in the week on more adventures!



4 thoughts on “Kicking 2018 Into High Gear

  1. Love reading your blogs.
    Pretty quiet around here the last couple of weeks without you around. I’ve had to watch the last few taped, cheesy movies without you.
    Have fun on Friday with Mom and Ivy.
    It’s almost BIRTHDAY MONTH!!

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