Christmas Break… More Like Christmas Craziness

Aloha friends! Wishing I was in Hawaii or somewhere warmer than Southern Ontario so might as well start with a warm welcome. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas holiday with your family and friends and are finally getting a few days break!

I’ve already been back in Wheatley/ Windsor for 21 days and its just been flying by. Getting ready for Christmas was very busy, buying last minute gifts, going to the states, picking up Ivy from school and watching A LOT of Hallmark cheesy Christmas movies with Gramma. I’ve been busy getting together with family and friends that I don’t see often, so it’s been really nice getting to see everyone.


22nd: Dinner at Spagos at Caesars Windsor. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it as it has become my new fav restaurant. It is a cozy Italian restaurant with an amazing menu including lots of pasta and pizza, and a great wine selection. If you don’t have plans for NYE you might be able to snag a reservation and you will not regret it.

23rd: Christmas with Dad’s family.

24th: Church, lots of snow, lots of family. Because Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday there was a morning church service and an evening service. I was asked to play the handbells as a fill in and for only learning the song that morning with 2 practice go’s I think that the third time was the charm. The snow started in the afternoon and kept going which made the roads a mess. We had the annual Christmas Eve party at aunt Karen’s new house (which is beautiful btw) but a few people couldn’t come because the roads were too bad (including my parents). Sooooo, I ended up staying in Windsor for the night which is the first time I haven’t been home for Christmas Eve since France!

25th: Lots of presents, laughs, food, and board games. Christmas morning, Grampa, Gramma and I drove out to Wheatley and we spent the early afternoon opening presents and eating a very late breakfast. We had a total of 15 people per for Christmas dinner including and overall we just had an amazing time.

The past few days have just been spent relaxing and mainly in bed. The rest of the week I think we are going to do some more visiting of family and shopping, and we might pop over to the states. before I know it I am going to be back on train for Toronto to start the second semester. I cannot believe how fast this year is going by!

I wish you all a very happy new years eve and a great 2018!

Love always,


One thought on “Christmas Break… More Like Christmas Craziness

  1. Quite the itinerary, Libbey!! Packed full of fun, food, family and LOVE!!

    So happy you were able to make it to our house (we love, love, love it btw!) for Christmas Eve! Sad that your Mom, Dad, Ivy and Elle couldn’t make it. Darn you Mother Nature!

    Love you!!

    Aunt Karen 🙂

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