Live in the Moment, Live in each Breath

I feel like I am going to get lectured by some of you guys because I fell short on my promise of posting more frequently. Well I figure as I’m sitting in a very uncomfortable train seat with zero sleep, there isn’t a better time to write about Libbey life. (I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes)

I cannot believe how fast time is going by. Studying, midterms, movies with the girls, Riverdale, How to get Away with Murder (on repeat), decorating for Christmas, singing Christmas songs every chance I get. I honestly feel like I just started first year and magically I hit fast forward and now I’m half way through second year. After talking with one of my professors today (my favourite professor if that makes a difference), I have embraced the idea of living in the moment. Not worrying about what I am going to do after I graduate or my 10 year plan, just focusing on me and my “thirst for knowledge” as he calls it. As my very good friend Natalie told me just today “this is the best time to be alive, we are young (and a little stressed) but we can do anything with our lives, we just have to live every day to the fullest.

On top of midterms, I am currently finishing my application for York International Exchange 2018-2019!!!!! I am super excited to be telling all of you that I am applying to study at the University of West Indies – Cave Hill Campus (that’s in freaking BARBADOS), and I am applying to MICEFA in France where they place you in a university before your arrival. It is crazy and I cannot believe that I have the opportunity to study abroad again, I am so grateful and LUCKY for everything my parents support me to do.

Last weekend I was super fortunate to be able to spend the weekend with Elle Belly, even if I was super sick all weekend (sorry bells). I can’t believe how mature she is and the fact that she is almost done high school is crazy. I strive to be more like her everyday; loving and free spirited, says whatever she believes even when others may disagree. She is an amazing sister to have, even if she steals my clothes. Plus, like still can’t get over the fact that she has the biggest lady balls ever, like the fact that she was willing to join the football team to prove she could do it, just WOW!!

Sadly, I haven’t seen much of Iv’s lately just because she is super busy with school and she is now a STARBUCKS BARISTA (secretly jealous that she gets to wear the cool apron). But seriously, I’m super proud that she is juggling all of her sciency school and got a job on top of everything. Just throwing it out there, but I have some pretty cool girls that I get to call my little sisters.

And so, I’m still on the train dying to get off of it! This weekend is going to be a lot of trying to study (while Gramma most likely tries to distract me), the Walkerville Christmas festival, Mary Poppins Musical, and more studying. This is the last time I am coming home before Christmas and even though I just saw everyone 3 weeks ago I’m excited to plays with my dogs (just kidding, I’m excited to give mom and gramma hugs).

Hope you’ve learned something from this but if not hopefully you had a laugh or two. Remember to live in the moment and live in each breath, because that is one step closer to happiness.


Love always,

Libbey Jean

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