Busy as a Bee (or a Blonde)

Well I officially broke my promise to all of you, seeing as though last week I did not write a post! Let me tell you though it has been crazy getting back into the routine after Thanksgiving. Last week I was busy catching up on readings, hair modeling for Elizabeth and of course shopping.

It was really nice to go home for Thanksgiving and to see everyone! Gramma made her backyard look absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect so we had a great family dinner!

I was busy all week, hitting the gym and getting back into my daily routine. On Friday I got to be Liz’s hair model for her hairstyling class and it was a lot of fun! After I went shopping for the afternoon, which of course is my favourite thing to do. I cannot wait until Black Friday though, I already have some things picked out to buy!

Saturday was a lazy homework and Netflix kind of day and on Sunday the Fam came to Toronto so I got to see everyone including Ivy. I met Ivy at a Starbucks while Mom, Dad, and Elle were at one of her India meetings. After we went to Ikea and all had lunch together before they went home. Its crazy to think that I am already coming home next week for my reading weekend! I feel like I haven’t even been in Toronto the past few weeks because I’ve seen lots of family the past few weeks. This week is going to be busy as I have midterms coming up and a lot of reading to do.

Hopefully next week I have more exciting stories for you all!

Love, LJD


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