And It’s Already the Weekend Again!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic week that is just flying by into the weekend! So last weekend I did not end up attending the Mec Summit for several different reasons (that’s a different story), but I ended up having a better weekend with Ivy, Elle, and Mom!

Thursday I went to a Blue Jays game and it was such a bad game (lol). There was only one run the whole game and it was

On Friday, Ivy took the GO Bus and train from Waterloo to Toronto! We did some needed shopping, lots of talking and laughing, but most importantly eating. We order Indian take-out and spent the night watching movies in my room. On Saturday, Mom and Elle came to Toronto for the Ontario University Fair. We got to have a girls day all day, which hasn’t happened in a really long time so it was a lot of fun. We did some shopping, ate at The Works, and just hung out. I was really glad that I could see everyone (especially Ivy because I won’t see her at Thanksgiving!).

School seems to be going by really fast, probably because I only go to school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday I went to the main campus of York and stocked up on some Indian food for the weekend and got a few other things I needed (like lots of kleenex). Today is the first cool day outside and I am actually excited because I finally get to wear my back to school clothes!

This upcoming week has a lot of stuff going on; law conference, football game, homework, the gym, and coming home. I’m looking forward to seeing the famjam in a few days!


Love you,

Libbey Jean

4 thoughts on “And It’s Already the Weekend Again!

  1. Shopping is the best! I hope you found some great deals and finds. Those are also the best.
    Take care and your posts are awesome.

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