Back in the Big City

Hello everyone! Well as many of you may know I moved back to Toronto a few weeks ago for my second year of university at Glendon College. It has already been a very busy few weeks, getting back into the routine of school, reading, shopping, and a lot more reading. I already have plans for the next few weekends, which include the Mec Summit (I’ll describe it in a minute), a law conference, and of course my favourite holiday Thanksgiving.

The Think Outside MEC Summit:

So about a month ago I entered a contest to win a camping trip in Toronto where young adults meet up for a weekend and share their ideas on how to get youth in Canada outside more often. I ended up being selected as one of the contestants, so this weekend I am going to Ontario Place and I will have a chance to pitch my idea in front of judges to win cash prizes! I’m really excited to have a weekend away from my dorm room and in the wilderness of Toronto (if that even exists).

Second year is starting off to be time consuming, though I really enjoy a few of my classes and teachers. I try to get outside of school as often as I can and go shopping, or go to baseball games, or out for dinner (making use of big city living). I’m already really excited for Thanksgiving coming up and food that isn’t from the cafeteria and Gramma’s pie!!!

My life is definitely not as exciting as it was when I lived in France, so if you have any blog topics or questions you can comment below or private message me!

Love ya,

Libbey Jean

4 thoughts on “Back in the Big City

  1. Oh! How I have missed your blogs so lovely to read you are well and happy, I would love a slice of your grandmas pie too xx

  2. Hi Libbey. It is refreshing hearing about your life in the big city. You are such a “go getter” and I wish you much success pitching your idea in front of all those judges. Let us know how you do.

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Enjoy your weekend home and with your family.

    Take care,

    Mrs. B.

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