Would You Walk 2.9km To Get Starbucks?

Most of you would probably answer no to this question and say it isn’t worth it or find a Tim Horton’s closer by. Well it seems that my school becomes deserted on the weekends so  thought “what the heck”, and I made the trek to get a fabulous drink.

It was a beautiful day outside today so it was a really nice walk and I got to explore some of the area around me. After I studied for a little bit in Starbucks, I put my google maps on to see what was nearby, and it just so happens that my favourite store was only a 700m walk away. I practically skipped to the Winners with a giddy smile across my face and just cherished the moment I had in the store. When you go to a Winners in a bigger city, you may notice that they have a couture section, (for all the rich people). I love watching as people casually pick up a $700 coat and go to wait in line to buy it. What caught my eye were the shoes, as I marvelled at a pair of magenta Jimmy Choo’s for a solid minute before a lady gave me a weird look.

I went to pick up a few things at a almost all organic Sobey’s which was really cool and then I picked up my dinner at Subway (thanks to Ingrid). I walked back to school (which I have started calling home), and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This week, school is going to officially start with lectures and readings, though I tried to get ahead of the readings so I don’t get too stressed. It is supposed to be a nice week outside which is good because it is spirit week at school and there are lots of events going on outside. I’m most excited for Friday nights Blue Jays game and the ice cream social (like someone knew that I have an immense love for ice cream), and I would want to go and eat 5 bowls of chocolatey chip heaven.

I hope everyone has a good week and hopefully the weekend shows up before you know it, (for me it will because my weekend starts Thursday 😉 ).

Love you all,

Ms. Libbey Jean

Killer boots that I couldn’t squeeze into my “student budget”. What can I say? I have great taste.

3 thoughts on “Would You Walk 2.9km To Get Starbucks?

  1. Hi Libbey,
    I would not walk across the street for a Starbucks because I don’t drink coffee, but I would walk miles to go to a Winners. LOL.
    I love the Jimmy Choo story. So true. You sound like you are having a blast. Toronto is you……

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