How I Survived, I Still Don’t Know…

Well I’m back, and on a new adventure in a very exciting city. For those who don’t know, I am attending Glendon College (campus of York University), in Toronto for Political Science with specialization in French. I decided to come to Glendon mainly because it is a French campus meaning all students have to speak French, plus it’s in Toronto so that is a huge bonus.

Back to the title, I bought my gym membership today and decided to take a spin class. It was my first time doing one and I died, like literally wanted to start crying. I was the youngest one in the class and I couldn’t keep up with the 50 year olds, making me feel out of shape and probably boosting their morales.

My dorm room is all set up and I love it, it’s like my own mini apartment. I still haven’t gotten used to living on the same floor as guys, mainly because they walk around shirtless and you don’t know where to look. The only problem with my room is that I live right in front of some really huge and fancy houses that seem to have parties everyday, so it can get pretty loud, but like maybe they will invite me over one day?? Lol

Today is orientation, so I meet up with all of the other people in my program and we get to know more about our classes. Tomorrow is the first official day of class, but I only have French at 6:30 so it isn’t going to be a busy day.

I hope you are all doing well, glad to be back.


The Blonde Traveler


5 thoughts on “How I Survived, I Still Don’t Know…

  1. First of all, you look fantastic. The gym has worked in your favour….
    Secondly, your room is so you; classy and fun.
    Thirdly, this University is meant for you. I can tell you are already having a blast.

  2. Sounds as though you’re off to a great start Ms. Libbey! You’ll get used to the guys – give it a day or two!! LOL!! We’ll want to have you down at some point for a meal – perhaps a weekend when we’re in town and you have time on your hands.

    Welcome to Toronto, the city just improved with your presence!!

    Uncle Bill

  3. Welcome back, even though I talk to you often I LOVE reading your blog! Enjoy this new chapter of your life I can’t wait to hear all about it. Keep up the spinning fastest way ever to get in shape! Good luck with your classes, I have a feeling you’re going to ace them! Love you tons. XO

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