I now drink Starbucks 2x a week

For the past 7 months, I have looked at the prices of plane tickets over and over again. I figure I could buy 3 return tickets if I want to live on the streets, or 1 return ticket if I want to stay in a fancy hotel. Man oh man do I want to go back.

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas holiday and a great New Year. Just thought I would give everyone a little update on life right now and how everything is going.

Last week I applied for University which shouldn’t of happened because of my exchange, but I ended up getting 7 credits for going away which means I can GRADUATE!!!! I found out about an amazing school called Glendon which is part of York University in Toronto, that is completely bilingual and I could have the opportunity to go to PARIS FRANCE FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!! So as you can tell I’m pretty excited about that. #fingerscrossed #prayinghard

Glendon (Little castle in the forest)

Other than that nothing much is new. Semester one is almost finished which is exciting because that means only one semester left till I am out of high school.

I know that my life isn’t nearly as exciting as it was last year, but it is still pretty crazy.

I love you all hope you have an amazing end of the month,


8 thoughts on “I now drink Starbucks 2x a week

  1. Would going to Paris for a year be part of the curriculum or after graduating York? Do they offer the political science program you are after. Sounds exciting….keep us posted xoxoxo

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