La Fin

Because I know that all of my loving blog fans (really blog fans? I don’t know what to call you guys, if you have a better name send me an email) are super forgiving people, and you won’t be too mad that I haven’t posted a post in a while. I’ve been SUPER BUSY, you honestly have no idea. And the next two weeks are going to be even worse.

So here is a video from my trip to Normandy with my host family!! Hope you enjoy, and be sure to leave comments on the blog and on youtube!!

Only 10 days until I come home, love and miss you!

Libbey Jean

4 thoughts on “La Fin

  1. never mad just anxious…luv the video…nice music……..the 24th is coming fast..can’t wait..stay safe and sound..see ya soon…lots of hugs kisses and love gramps

  2. What a great birthday gift for your Grandma. So excited to see you. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will go by fast. Love UB&AD

  3. Will be anxious to see you when you get home but I understand that you won’t be home for long!!!! Enjoy your last 2 weeks!!!!!
    Love you….xoxoxoxo….Grandma Pat

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