What Exchange Taught Me About Life

With my exchange coming to a quick end I thought I would write a blog post about what my exchange has taught me, not only about life but about myself.

Sometimes you ask yourself why you ever came on exchange, why would you want to go to a different country without your family, why you would want to go to a new school. Honestly I can’t answer these questions everyday, but when I look at my journals or pictures I get overwhelmed with joy of what I have seen and experienced. 

A lesson that I learned pretty quickly into my exchange is that you will loose friends from your country. They will stop caring, stop asking what is new, and stopped missing you. I guess at first I was mad and sad but then I realized that I needed to stop caring too. I made new friends from not only France but from all over the world. These are the true friends that will support my every move even when I am not by their sides. 

You may have more downs then ups but the ups with always out way the downs. You may of had a bad day at school or you may miss your family, but you get to spend the weekend in Paris! Not many people can say that they know the map of Paris like the back of their hand, or know which metro line to take to get to the Eiffel Tower or Champs D’Elysses.

You learn how to problem solve. I mean you can’t turn to your parents everytime something doesn’t go the way you want it to. You learn how to make adult decisions, and how to get positive results from it.

I have learned so much more about myself since I started my journey last August. I love to write in my journal, to reflect on what I did during the day. I will always have a Canadian accent no matter how hard I try to cover it up. I like (maybe love) vegetables and fruits. Never in a million years would I have been caught eating green beans in Canada, but in France, hey why not. I like to be alone, just to have time to myself and to think. I love walking to school every morning, and I like running as frequent as possible. I also realized that the grades you get don’t matter and that school will never be able to teach you about what it is like in a different country. You have to experience it yourself. 

I think that one of the most important things that this exchange rewarded me with is a closer relationship with God. I knew that when no one understood what I was going through, He did and He helped me get through the difficult times. There were days where I read bible verses with tears in my eyes knowing that they were meant for me to see.” I will go before you, and make the crooked places straight.” – Isaiah 45:2

So if someone were to ask me if I would redo my exchange, in a heartbeat I would answer yes. 

Love always, 

Libbey Jean

4 thoughts on “What Exchange Taught Me About Life

  1. You are awesome! This is one of my favourite blogs! Thank you for taking us on your journey with you, and just for the record the many people (me the most) have not forgotten you. In fact you being away has made many (me the most) think of you often with much love and prayer. I love you to bits and patiently I am counting off the next 43 days until I see you again. I will continue to pray that our wonderful God keeps you safe always in France and at home. Goodnight my sweet sweet Libbey and DFYP! 💕

  2. Look at you Ms. Libbey! All grown up. I was so afraid of you going away from us to a world so far away. Hmm how wrong was I? You’ve grown more than I could have imagined. I’m so very proud of you, and envious at the same time. You rock Libbey!
    I can’t wait to hug you. X

  3. You’ve grown by leaps and bounds, Libbey! Good for you for seeing that the people in your life are the ones that are supposed to be there, while the ones that aren’t can’t be blamed nor can you show resentment toward that fact. Life goes on! AND….how it has for you!!

    Most of us have felt like we were right beside you (ok, we weren’t quite that lucky!) during your travels and your detailed blogs and beautiful pictures are the reason why!! Great job at keeping us up to speed! For those that ever had the thought of going to Europe, you sure did an awesome job at selling it!! For those of us that have been, you reminded us how spectacular it is over there, and to start making plans to go again!!

    I’m sure your experiences will never be forgotten and they will serve as a great foundation for the rest of your life!

    So proud of you! ♥

    Aunt Karen and Uncle Doug

  4. Hi Libby. You also improved your writing skills. Excellent reflection. You are a creative and passionate writer. Who knows, maybe “author” will be in your career path. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

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