The Terrible Three’s Are Back Together

On Wednesday Grams, Gramps and the girls arrived which was amazing. It was so nice to see them and actually give them a hug. The afternoon was a chill day so I worked out a plan for the week in Esternay and watched a movie with Elle Belly. We went for a walk in town and I showed them around.
Thursday everyone was still tired so I went for a run then went to the bakery to buy some croissants. Thursday afternoon we spent the day in Troyes which is about an hour away. We went to a cafe and the server was a jerk to me which made me pretty mad.

Friday we went to Paris to go to the Louvre. I got to do something new for my 200th day in France. We saw the Monna Lisa which was awesome then had lunch in a little cafe. We left and went to the lock bridge just beside the Louvre. Everything was covered up so I couldn’t even see my lock. We walked to the bridge where Gramps proposed to Grams and we got their picture. We got lost when leaving Paris but it was an adventure.

Saturday I went to the Theatre in Paris with Flore and Laurent which was fun. I didn’t really understand the piece because it was all in French humour and I didn’t know it. After we went for a really nice dinner not far away. We got home at midnight and I went to bed right away.

Sunday Gramps and Grams picked me up and we had coffee with Flore and Laurent. After we drove to Reims and went to the cathedral. We had lunch in Mcdough’s then went to Madame Pommery’s Champagne caves. It was really cool and everyone loved it.

Monday we went to Le Chateau de Vaux Vicomte. It was a super nice day outside which was prefect for the gardens. There was hardly anyone in the castle so we took a lot of goofy pictures in the castle.

I hope everyone is having a good week, miss you all.



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