I Now Consider Myself A Cowgirl

Let’s just say after horse back riding I want to buy a horse as my method of transportation. IT WAS AWESOME!

On Wednesday we went to Reims in the afternoon which was fun. We went to a car museum and after we went into the town centre and I met up with Maura (American) and Neto (Brazilian). It was really fun we went shopping and I bought some cute earrings and then we went out for coffee. It was kinda rainy which was poopy but in the end it was super fun. I met back up with Flore and Laurent and Roro and we left for Chalons which is a town not too far away. We went for dinner (I had thin crust pizza) and then we went to the movies. I was super excited because they had salty popcorn (normally is France it is all sugary) and it turns out it was pretty gross. They loaded it with salt and it burned my mouth.

Friday we went horseback riding and it was super cool. I learned how to put the saddle on and prepare the horse before riding. This was the first time I’ve taken lessons which was fun. I learned how to get the horse to run which I loved. I thought I would be scared but I wasn’t it was just an amazing experience. There were two other trainers in the arena and they said that I rode really good which made me super happy.

Today let’s just say it hurts to sit, and walk up stairs.

This afternoon we are driving to Nancy which is in the North East of France. It’s about a three hours drive and we are going to spend the night there. Tomorrow we are going to Center Parks which is an indoor waterpark kinda like Kalahari.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend darlings,

Libbey Jean



3 thoughts on “I Now Consider Myself A Cowgirl

  1. YoU are the most blessed girl ever! Enjoy your weekend darling. See you soon. Love you to bits 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️ DFYP.

  2. You look like a natural Kid, nice job. Not much longer until G & G and the girls arrive…exciting times. Take good care.

  3. So fun!!! Can you believe it took you going to France to ride a horse. So un-France-like!!! I am glad you are enjoying your stay whether you are buying earrings or riding a horse, you make the best of your visit. Take care. Mrs.B.

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