I Now Consider Myself A Cowgirl

Let’s just say after horse back riding I want to buy a horse as my method of transportation. IT WAS AWESOME!

On Wednesday we went to Reims in the afternoon which was fun. We went to a car museum and after we went into the town centre and I met up with Maura (American) and Neto (Brazilian). It was really fun we went shopping and I bought some cute earrings and then we went out for coffee. It was kinda rainy which was poopy but in the end it was super fun. I met back up with Flore and Laurent and Roro and we left for Chalons which is a town not too far away. We went for dinner (I had thin crust pizza) and then we went to the movies. I was super excited because they had salty popcorn (normally is France it is all sugary) and it turns out it was pretty gross. They loaded it with salt and it burned my mouth.

Friday we went horseback riding and it was super cool. I learned how to put the saddle on and prepare the horse before riding. This was the first time I’ve taken lessons which was fun. I learned how to get the horse to run which I loved. I thought I would be scared but I wasn’t it was just an amazing experience. There were two other trainers in the arena and they said that I rode really good which made me super happy.

Today let’s just say it hurts to sit, and walk up stairs.

This afternoon we are driving to Nancy which is in the North East of France. It’s about a three hours drive and we are going to spend the night there. Tomorrow we are going to Center Parks which is an indoor waterpark kinda like Kalahari.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend darlings,

Libbey Jean



6 Months in France

6 Months ago today I was getting on a plane for Paris, and I’ve been living up the French life since.

School vacation in the middle of winter kinda sucks. There isn’t really anything to do and it’s pretty boring.

On Sunday we went to the Lac de Der which is an artificial lake. When they made the lake they ripped down three towns but moved the church which is what we visited. It was super nice outside, super sunny which was really nice. After we went to a bee house where they make honey and we ate crepes which were really good.

Monday Roro went to one of her friends so I chilled by myself all day. In the afternoon I went for a walk with Laurent and before we got home it started raining but we didn’t get too wet. Yesterday we went to the pool in a town not too far away which was fun. I need to prepare to beat the boys in my class when school starts back up.

Gramma and Gramps and the girls come in two weeks and I am beyond excited! I have so much planned and I can’t wait to go back to Amsterdam.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks, my computer was having problems with my phone and I couldn’t upload pictures.

Lac de Der

Lac de Der


Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner

Lac de Der

Lac de Der

It’s My Birthday

Happy Birthday to meeeee… cha cha cha πŸ˜‰

Well I know I have to apologize every time I write a blog post because I haven’t written one is ages, so I’m sorry.

So yesterday was the big day of my 17 years of oldness. In the morning I didn’t have 2 hours of school so Camille (my best friend) and I went for coffee in Sezanne. It was super nice and we had a really good time. We had an hour of French and an hour of Math when we got back and I got 13/20 on my Math test which I was super happy about!!

When the bell rang for lunch we were officially on vacation and we walked to Kebab in Sezanne. There we 10 of us in total and it was really fun. We talked and laughed and ate and even sang a little bit.

I left with Abigael to go to Gerard and Brigette’s and we hung out there for the afternoon. We walked to the cinema to go to with Rotary and we watched a presentation on a trip to Africa to help bring supplies to people. After we drank a glass of champagne then left for the restaurant. It was super fancy and the food was really good. Everyone sang happy birthday to me in two languages at the same time and it was really cute.

Today we are having people over for dinner and then we have two weeks of relaxation. I’m counting down the days until Grams, Gramps and the girls come because I cannot wait. 18 DAYS LEFT!! Today marks 180 days since I left for this adventure which is pretty crazy! I cannot wait to just hug someone πŸ™‚

Hope everyone at home is enjoying the -9 degrees, it is a lovely 5 degrees here πŸ™‚



Because Drinking Coffee in a Cafe is Oh So Chic

I love going into a cafe and ordering a coffee like I’m 25, cause really I am πŸ˜‰

School this week went by super slow which was torture. I had a headache all week and I felt like crap so I went to bed early every night. On Wednesday I had swimming and thought that I was in no danger at all, like swimming isn’t a dangerous sport. Seeing as though two weeks ago I cut my leg up this week something bad had to happen so here is the story that you will probably end up crying because you are laughing so hard. I mean even I laughed a little bit.

I had just done a super dive and was racing this boy in my class so like I wanted to go fast. I was just coming out of the water a little bit in super man position (but my arms were at my sides and just my head was coming out of the water) and then SMACK. RIGHT INTO THE SIDE OF THE WALL. Like I dove straight then I managed to completely turn to my right causing me to hit the wall. So I stopped like I obviously wasn’t going to keep going and then my nose starting bleeding everywhere. Like great. I cut my arm up too which adds to the embarrassment. When my nose stopped bleeding I got back into the pool and got 18 seconds for 25m, which sounds pretty fast I guess.

Wednesday night I ended up going to the doctors because my nose was killing me. It wasn’t broken but there were some problems, one of them being my nose was 4x bigger then normal (so not attractive). I got a lot of medications to help with the pain and the swelling.

On Thursday I rushed into the bathroom when I woke up and thankfully I didn’t have two black eyes. I went to Brigette’s for lunch which was nice. I probably failed the Physics test that I took but the teacher wanted me to try.

Friday went by pretty fast seeing as though I only had class until 12. Laurent picked me up and we at lunch at home which is like 1000000000x better then the cafeteria. In the afternoon we went to Chalons to pick up Roro from school. We went to a little bakery and I got a heart shaped cookie (to celebrate my aloneness for valentine’s) and a coffee. This is when it hit me that I just ordered a little coffee like I was 25.

Today when i woke up I drank my normal tea and ate breakfast. I cleaned up my room and I just got dressed. I don’t know what’s going on this weekend, but I promise I will post about it!!

Love always,