Hey everyone!! Yes I know you have all been staring at your computer’s waiting for this amazing blog post but I’m a busy girl.

So last week school went by really fast seeing as though I hardly had any classes. On Friday after I got done school I went home with Laurent and after we ate we got ready to go to Chalons. We left and visited Flore and Philippe at work then went to the chiropractor for Laurent. When we finished we walked around town and the picked up Roro at school. We went to the grocery store so that I could buy hair dye then we picked up Roro’s things from her aunt’s house. We went to the basketball arena (idk what you call the gym) and watched the game. It was fun and really exciting because the score was close. When the game finished we went to a huge a hall and ate dinner and met with players some were from the states which was cool.

Saturday it snowed so Roro and I went and played for a little bit before it melted. I dyed my hair brown again then we left and went to a pretty depressing town not far away to get groceries. Flore went to an aesthetician so Roro and I went to pick up the groceries and some girls laughed about us when we walked by. When we got back and told Flore, she drove around until she found the girls and stuck her tongue out at them while I hid. Saturday night we had a big dinner party with their friends which was really fun. They were all super nice and a boy from my class was there which was cool.

Sunday when we woke up we got dressed and we to Reims for the day. We went to the church and the palais beside it which was really nice on the inside. We had lunch in the town centre and I had pizza with french fries which was absolutely amazing. We visited champagne caves after which was really really neat. We learned about how they made the wine to champagne and then the adults tasted it but the kids got grape juice (better then champagne anyways and it was probably the best grape juice I’ve had in my life). We went to the planetarium after and watched the stars inside which was amazing. I loved it and we learned about the distant’s between the planets and the names of the stars.

So that was my weekend all in one really super awesome blog post.

If there are spelling/ grammar mistakes please do not point it out I am losing my English.

Love the super awesome, one and only,

Libbey ❤

Broussy – Le – Grand

Happy New Years everyone!! Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been pretty busy.

So I think everyone has heard about my crazy New Years experience in Paris, if not here is the story again. So 500,000 people are watching the Arc de Trimophe and when 2015 arrives everyone is tired and wants to go back to their hotel. So we start walking and the metro at the Champs D’Elysees was closed so we started walking towards the Eiffel Tower. The next metro we went to was closed, and another closed, and by the fourth I almost started crying. We walked around for hours looking for a stupid metro line that was open and we finally found one. There was throw up all of the metro car so of course I start gagging. Then the metro announces that they will only be stopping at main stations (Chateau de Vincennes) a very very long walk away from our car. So we walked around until 3:30 in the morning, in the cold and arrived at our hotel at 4. I was not very happy with my start to 2015.

I moved families on the 3rd and the house is in Broussy Le Grand which is in the middle of no where. I thought Wheatley was small but nope Broussy is way smaller, with a population of 250 people and then if you drive 2 km you will find the other 50 people for a grand total of 300 people. 300 PEOPLE = A TOWN!!!

The new family (Laurent, Flore and Roman) are super super nice. We play games and make cookies and laugh a lot.

The first week of school was poop like school is every week. I’m glad its the weekend. Only 6 weeks left until the next vacation.

Today we are going to go to Chalons to go shopping because it is the sales right now. I have to buy a one piece swimsuit for swimming at school. I literally don’t think i’ve owned a one piece swimsuit since I was three.

Tomorrow we have a town meeting and we are going to eat a galette (special cake) with the town!

Well I better go!! I promise I will talk more often!!

Love, Libbey