Yes My Hair Colour Has Changed

So I can no longer call myself The Blonde Traveler seeing as though my hair is now brown almost black, so I’m now the Brunette Traveler.

So the past week has been pretty ordinary.

On Saturday we got out all of the Christmas decorations and we decorated the Christmas tree which was fun. I dyed my hair Saturday night though it turned green which was a pretty big problem. I made curried beef for dinner which was pretty good.

Sunday I went to Paris (green hair and all) and we went to a big mall for shopping. I bought a really cute jumpsuit that I am going to wear next week to the Rotary dinner. In the afternoon Philippe and I went to the Madeline Church and it was really really huge on the inside. It is the church where most of the famous funerals are. We went to look at the store windows for the Christmas decorations though they weren’t really all that special. There were so so many people outside and inside the stores it was crazy. We went into one store and I found poptarts but the were 8 euros a box!!! If they had strawberry flavour I would have boughten them.

School this week has been going by fast which is really good because I need a vacation. Yesterday I redid my hair and it is no longer green (Thank The Lord!!). Today I went to Gerard and Brigette’s for lunch then I went back to school to go to gymnastics only to find out it was cancelled so I spent the rest of the afternoon at their house. Tomorrow I have piano lessons which will be fun and the Friday I am going to Reims to go to the theatre.

ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT OF SCHOOL (no excitement at all 😉 )

Love Libbey

IMG_5458 IMG_5459 IMG_5460 IMG_5427 IMG_5435

6 thoughts on “Yes My Hair Colour Has Changed

  1. Really Libbey is there such a thing as an ordinary week when you’re in PARIS. Love all your Christmas pictures and your new look. It must be exciting seeing all the different decorations and experiencing new customs. Although with the excitement there must be a bit of homesickness too, but the year is quickly coming to an end and before you know it March will be here. HIP HIP HOORAY. Enjoy the last bit of school for this year darling. Love you to pieces, will talk to you soon. DFYP 💕😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. You are so funny. Green Hair. Hopefully you are not pretending to the be Grinch! I agree with madden24, there is no such thing as “ordinary in Paris”. Actually, it is never ordinary anywhere during the Christmas Season. We had our Rotary Super the other night. Everyone had a nice time. Rotary is a very generous club, all over the world. It is pretty amazing that you have been gone 100 days! Time flies!
        Anyways, you enjoy everyday you have. Soon you will be back in Canada and France will only be a memory. Take care. Mrs. B.

  2. Your hair looks fabulous !!! Enjoy your last week of school for this year !!!! I love reading about your adventures !!! Love you xoxoxoxoxoxo Grama

  3. glad ur week is moving along well……sounds like sunday was a great day inold gay paree……….hair looks good…and yes only 1 more week then a little break….stay safe and gramps

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