My 100th Day In France

AHHHH!!!! Today marks the 100th day that I have been in France, which is pretty crazy. Last Friday I went on my Paris field trip which was really fun. We went to a museum of architecture and then we went to La Defence which is just outside of Paris. When we were at La Defence I saw Noah (Big Bro) which was so so cool. At night we went to theatre which was one of the most horrible things I have seen in my life. At one point there were more then 6 people fully naked on the stage (junk and all). Before we went back to Sezanne we went down the Champs D’Elysee to look at all of the Christmas decorations which was really cool. On Sunday I went back to Paris with Danielle and Philippe and we visited the Museum National D’Histoire Nautrelle which was so cool. There were skeletons from every animal possible including whales and dinos.

I only have two weeks more of school before vacation and I cannot wait. My classes are going better and i even got 10/20 on a physics test which is a good mark in France and the teacher was happy. Film is one of my favourite classes and I cannot wait until we make the movie in May.

Right now I am sick probably because it is getting colder outside and I was outside most of the weekend. I went to the doctor today by myself and he gave me like 4 different medications which I think is kinda funny because there are so many.

Next Friday I am going to see a piece of theatre in Reims which I am really looking forward to. It is a love story/ tragedy I think along the lines of Romeo and Juliette.

Here are some pictures from the last week!!

Love you all,


The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower
Christmas at La Defence
Christmas at La Defence


Dino Buddy
Dino Buddy

4 thoughts on “My 100th Day In France

  1. 100…….unbelievable…last weekend looked awesome….loved the museum with the bone characters…..thomas would have loved the dinos…glad to see everything seems to be going well…hope ur feeling better and ur weekend is great…sorry to hear about the bad experience at the theatre…lol….but thats a good thing…bye for now….love hugs and kisses…gramps

  2. My goodness you sure are having some interesting experiences !!!! Lol !!!! I hope u are feeling better. Four different medications should kill whatever bug u had !!! Love u sweetie. Xoxo. Love Grama

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