My Foie Gras Experience

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit!!

On Friday I had a Rotary meeting which was really fun. When Gerard read the menu, I had to ask for wine knowing that it was going to be the only way I could get down foie gras and duck. When I opened my little pot of foie gras and egg I almost threw up and I put the lid back on. The Rotary members really wanted me to try it, so I did and i gaged almost throwing up. I got to eat a steak for dinner instead which was really good.

For the weekend I went to the host family of Matilde and it was super fun. We played just dance and watched movies and made some cakes. It was so nice to have kids around again. On Sunday we had a hung lunch with everyone in the family and it was really nice.

On Monday I switched classes and now am with the grade below me. They are all super nice and are really funny. The boys are always asking me questions about Canada and apparently the whole class is coming to stay with me this summer. When I explained to them that Canada was not only Quebec they were just shocked, it was funny.

On Friday I have my field trip to Paris and it is supposed to be 14 degrees which is perfect. Saturday I am going to go to Abigael’s birthday party which I am really looking forward to.

I am getting super excited for Christmas and I cannot wait until decorations in the house start to go up. Some houses have started putting lights up and I miss not having anyone to play the “Merry Christmas” game with.

Love Libbey

Danielle and Philippe
Danielle and Philippe


Host Family 3
Host Family 3
Gerard and Brigette (Host Family 4)
Gerard and Brigette (Host Family 4)

5 thoughts on “My Foie Gras Experience

  1. I can’t believe how fast Christmas is coming. It’s going to be strange this year not having you or Gramma around. I am really excited though about buying you some gifts and wrapping them up to send to you. I’m trying to pack in as many things as possible into a reasonable small mailing box, a challenge for sure but I WILL succeed. Foie gras I’m with you 😬. Clare and Elliott have started the Merry Christmas game. Oh my goodness we created monsters. Have a great time in Paris this weekend darling and at Abagail’s birthday. Pretty soon you’ll be able to start your chocolate advent calendar 🎄. Talk to you soon love you tons and tons. God bless sweetheart and DFYP. 😊 💕

  2. Sounds like the good times just keep on comin’. I’m with you and Grandpa on the foie gras but, I think that’s a given. How about you include, in your next blog, the name of anyone you find who likes that stuff!!
    Enjoy your stay.

    1. Kenneth it was your sister that grimaced at the mere thought of duck livers being ground into a paste and then put into a container, passed off as a delicacy, sold for a ridulous amount of money and then eaten on fancy crackers YUCK, YUCK YUCK!!! Unfortunately my darling husband is one of the few known mortals who has tried it and liked it. 😛

  3. Im drooling a little bit. Sounds good to me. I would be trying it in a second. All I got to say is u r one lucky duck to be trying that….. have fun this weekend.

  4. Hi Libbey!
    I am catching up on your blog and have also heard about your adventures from your mom and Ivy. You are so lucky and so brave to be doing this! Just think about all that you have learned and experienced!
    Ummmm….. I am adding my name to the (it seems) small list of those who love froie gras. I really, really love it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas! There are not a lot of people out there who can say that they celebrated Christmas in France! I am so jenvious (jealous and envious combined).
    Take care!
    Ms. P

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