Hey Everyone!! How is the snow???!!?

So on the weekend I went to Metz, France for a huge antique show. It was cool because they also had a lot of handmade crafts for Christmas. After we left we drove into Luxembourg and it was really cool because we could actually see Germany. The city of Luxembourg is not really all that special and I did not find it pretty at all.

On Monday I went to a foot doctor for a wart that had been bugging me. Since then I have been walking like a penguin because my feet have been sore.

The next two weekends I have parties to go to which should be really fun! Tomorrow I am going to the cinema with my English class to see The Giver which I am really looking forward to. On Friday me and some girls in my class are going for kebab’s for Matilde because she is leaving for Italy on the 28th.

Next Friday I am going to Paris for a field trip to anย architecture museum then we are going to The Defence which is a metro stop outside of Paris with good shopping and then to the theatre.

I’ve been filling out Christmas cards because I have to send them soon in order for them to be in Canada for Christmas. I am getting excited though it is going to be weird not being at home.

I hope all is well,

8 thoughts on “Luxembourg

  1. Hi sweetie ok to start the snow sucks. I went for my first “snow run” the other day and come home with ice balls on my eyelashes. Yuck!! Freezing! Well it’s a good thing that your wart was on your foot and not the end of your nose ๐Ÿ˜Š you’re penguin walk would be perfect for the stupid snow. It will be great celebrating Christmas in a different country, experiencing new traditions (foie gras, escargot)๐Ÿ˜Š, and local customs. Keep enjoying your travels the upcoming weeks sound like you’re going to be really busy. Lots of love. 111 days ๐Ÿ˜€. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

    1. i liked ur pics from luxembourg….its great u have a lot coming in weeks ahead….i was just looking at worlds most beautiful places to see at christmas and france had 3 spots…hope all is well and wart is taken care of.. yes its winter here and it sucks (actually down right shitty) but we will handle it…bye for now…love gramps..xxoo

  2. Hi Libbey….Sounds exciting…except for the wart, of course!!! Received your letter yesterday, I love receiving mail too. I have another note to you on the go now. Love hearing about all of your adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Grandma Pat xoxoxoxoxo

  3. The weather sucks big time the snow sucks big time. But hey atleast u got that wart taken care of…… the day trips the weekend getaways still look awesome enjoy ur days of travel. A lot of us are jealous of the adventure you are on. Did i hear fros gras tell me u tried that….. that sounds awesome with some wine…… take care be safe and we love u lots. Xoxo

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