Amneville (The Town Not The Horror Story)

Hello Beautiful Reader 🙂

On Friday my host mom dropped me off at my counsellors house and we left for the town of Amneville in the north-east of France. It was a two and a half hour drive and we ate at a country themed restaurant when we got there. It was really cool because I felt like I was at home jamming to my country music. When we got to our hotel we went to bed because it was midnight.

On Saturday we woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel which was nothing like a typical Canadian hotel breakfast. It was very small but the Pain au Chocolate was really good. We finished getting ready and then walked to the Amneville Zoo because it wasn’t far from our hotel. We spent the whole day at the zoo which was really fun. It’s different in France because they have animals like skunks and raccoons in the zoo which I thought was funny because they are our garbage animals. When we got back to the hotel we relaxed for two hours before going for dinner. My counsellor (Valery and Claire) had reservations at a restaurant so Eve and Lilion and I went to McDoughs. It was a little different from Canada and the fries absolutely sucked compared to home.

Sunday we woke up and ate cracker bread thingy’s with jam and nutella which was really good. We packed up the car and drove to Thermapolis which is a pool/spa. It was fun and I got to go in two saunas which was awesome. We were all super hungry when we were finished and tired. We ate at a place called the Pataterie which is a restaurant with all different kinds of baked potatoes. I had a burger with potatoes instead of a bun which was amazing. We drove home and I got home at 18h and after eating dinner I went to bed because I was so exhausted.

I Still have one week of vacation and I had a little homework to do and I am going to read. Tonight we are having a big dinner with the whole family which should be fun.

Here are a few pictures from my weekend!

IMG_3813_2 IMG_3722 IMG_3998 IMG_3988_2

Thank you all so much for reading about my crazy adventure 🙂 It means a lot to me to see how many people read it and comment on it!


Libbey Jean

5 thoughts on “Amneville (The Town Not The Horror Story)

  1. Your vacation doesn’t seem to have a lot of rest!!! Oh well, plenty of time a take it easy when you get back home. ENJOY.

  2. You will have to remember some of these yummy dishes, so you can fix them for us when you get home.
    Love and Miss you. Xoxox
    Aunt Debbie

  3. It sounds like you’re eating your way across France. Your weekend sounds incredible and exhausting. You may be sleeping most of your second week off. Enjoy the rest of this week darling. Thinking of you every minute. God Bless. All my love 💕💓💕

  4. Sounds like you are having some i teresting things to eat !!! Get some rest on your second week off !!! I am home now so i hope to chat with you soon !! Love u. Xo

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