Vacation Time!

Hey everyone!! I hope that you are all well, wherever you are reading this in the world.

My school vacation started on Monday which was very much needed. Sunday I went to The Arc de Triomphe which was so awesome!! The view was incredible, plus the Eiffel Tower was super close so I could take pictures. We went to the Champs de Elysees after which was really cool! The stores were amazing (and really expensive) but amazing.

Monday I relaxed and it was so nice to having to wake up to an alarm clock. I cooked an Indian dinner for my host family, but I had to have mama on Facetime the whole time because I was just having a hard time with everything. The reasons why I do not cook. I also made a banana bread that they really liked!

Tuesday I went to Reims with Danielle for her doctors appointment. Before the hospital we went for lunch and it was nice to hang out just the two of us. After we were finished at the hospital, we went to a shopping centre for the rest of the afternoon and then went home for dinner.

Wednesday, Danielle, Pierre and I went to Troyes to have lunch with Willy. We hung out at his apartment before he had to go to class and then we went to an outlet mall for the rest of the day. It was fun to look around and to hang out with everyone. Plus I found a pair of Nike’s for 40 Euros so I was pretty happy. When we got home I went for a run and after dinner I went to bed because I was really tired.

Today is a nothing day which is lovely. I walked to the bakery to buy fresh bread for our egg salad sandwiches for lunch. The rest of the day I am going to chill, pick a few things up for Danielle at the pharmacy and maybe go for a run if it isn’t raining.

Tomorrow I am going to Amneville with my counsellor (Claire and Valery) and their two kids which is going to be a lot of fun! Amneville is in the north east of France and is really close to Luxembourg. On saturday we are going to a zoo and on Sunday we are going to a pool and then driving home. I am really excited!

Next week I have nothing planned, but I have a little bit of homework to finish up and I am going to work in my journalling bible, run and make tacos for dinner one night. I am not looking forward to going back to school at all though!

Halloween isn’t big in France so I don’t think I will be going trick-or-treating this year, which is kinda a bummer. I will have to watch a halloween movie and eat candy alone, but that’s okay.

The weather here is getting colder and it is always cloudy and rainy. I hope that the weekend is nice and that it isn’t too cold!

I will update you all soon about my weekend adventure!


Libbey Jean

P.s: Here are a few pictures from my week!!

IMG_3462 IMG_3386

6 thoughts on “Vacation Time!

  1. Enjoy the rest of vacation from school. Love reading these and seeing ur pics. Love you lots. Uncle jay aunt lisa and cousin thomas xoxo

  2. awesome experience again…ur family seems to be perfect for so glad they r taking such good care of u……….again i enjoy the reading and pics..soon we can chat and skpe..ok……nice cooking im impressed….lots of love gramps

  3. Great reading, Libbey – currently read by me in Connecticut!! Sounds like you’re making the most out of your downtime!! You’re right about the shops on Champs de Elysees being amazing and expensive. The driving round-about at the end of the street is so crazy, I still can envision it all these years later!

    Great that you’re getting around a lot while there, so much to see and do! Continued success with your cooking…maybe pick up a few tips for some French baking and pass them on to us!

    Stay well and safe! Looking forward to further blog entries!!

    Love Aunt Karen and Uncle Doug 🙂

  4. Wow, Sounds to me like you’ve made a great transition into your new home and you are doing just fine. I am sure you miss your family back home a ton, but it sounds like you are doing awesome there!! I am so proud of you little lady! Time just keeps ticking and before you know it you’ll be back home fighting over clothes with your sisters…haha. I hope you enjoy this experience to the fullest my dear;) sending my love to you;) enjoy the rest of your break from school and know that you are loved 😉 xoxo

  5. Hey Kid sounds like you have to go back to school to rest from your vacation!!! Take care Sweetie, enjoy every day.(I probably didn’t need to say that)

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