Roots Socks and Birkenstocks

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with good food and company!

Yesterday at school I wore my Birkenstocks and my Roots work socks because I don’t know it felt Thanksgivingish and Canadian. Plus it looked super cute. When I was waiting in the line for lunch, girls started looking down at my feet and then started laughing. Then thinking that I wouldn’t be able to understand them made rude remarks right in front of me. It sucked. Yes boys at home make fun of my pants and other things I wear, but its different, they are Tilbilly boys, they don’t know fashion. So yea anyways, they rest of the day I was super sad and more people made fun of me. When I got home I was super sad and just wanted to crawl into bed. Danielle was outside when I got home and she said that two packages and a letter came for me, so I ran into the house because I knew one of the packages was from mom. I was so excited to get a letter from Elliott and Clare’s birthday party, a care package from the famjam and a Thanksgiving package from daddy. (It even had turkey jerky!!!)

After dinner we ate apple pie, which was fitting for Thanksgiving and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups which were amazing. I am so lucky to have an amazing family that sends me packages that make my days so much better.

Love always,

Libbey Jean

11 thoughts on “Roots Socks and Birkenstocks

  1. u have been down that road before….u keep marching to ur beat….ur awesome and no one can tell u any different…glad ur evening was good and keep the chin up high high high………love always gramps

  2. Great story Kid, don’t let rudeos get you down……feel sorry for them. I’m thinking they are vert with envy.

  3. You have tremendous fashion sense and u always look fabulous !!!! Maybe u will start some new trends over there !!!! France will forever be changed !!! Xoxo love Grama

  4. Aww, Libby, sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday, but it sounded like the evening more than made up for it! Don’t let those few negative comments get you down….unfortunately there are always a few people like that, but nothing that you can’t overcome with that beautiful personality and outlook on life that you have!! WOW…has it already been 2 months??? Keep the blogs and pictures coming…..I love reading/looking at them!! Just keep reminding yourself how lucky you are to be experiencing everything. Sending you lots and lots of love from your Aunt Karen and me!!!

  5. You keep rockin’ your stocks and roots socks Canadian style!!

    Love you….even if you are a bit different!! 🙂

    Aunt Karen

  6. Keep your chin up and like everyone else has been saying ur fashion sense is awesome dont ever change being libbey. Be yourself always….. glad the peanut butter cups were awesome. Hugs and kisses love uncle jay aunt lisa and cousin thomas xoxo

  7. I feel obligated to beat up some frenchiss now, but I know you are strong and can handle petty comments. Chin up, buttercup ♥♥

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