Macbeth, Belgium and the Big Bro

Well this week has been pretty crazy. Very crazy.

On Thursday I went to the Comedy of Reims where I watched the theatre piece L’Avare. It was really good and I understood most of it! The dad has an obsession with money and in the end bites his kids ear off. Weird but good. I got home at midnight then had to wake up at 5am to do to Paris.

Friday my class went to Paris and it was really fun. We went to the Musee D’Orsay and everything was really beautiful. I took a picture outside, because you can’t inside and I ended up getting yelled at in French because of where I was sitting. Getting yelled at in French is 10x scarier then getting yelled at in english, but whatever, I got a cool picture.

Getting yelled at by security
Getting yelled at by security

After the Musee D’Orsay we ate lunch in a park and then went to Immigration Museum which was really cool. We were there for three hours which was was too long, seeing as though I finished everything in an hour. We left and went to the Theatre de Soleil and went to see Macbeth. Lets just say it was an experience. A 4 hour experience. When we walked into the theatre the cast was walking around in the audience and a sorcerer came right up to me and was staring at me and it was super creepy. The whole performance I was looking behind me thinking that someone was going to scare me. At half time, I had no idea what was going on and when I asked the kids in my class who Macbeth was they died laughing. The second half of the show I slept which was so much better then watching. I got home at 1am and went straight to bed because I had to get up at 6 to go to Belgium.

I woke up exhausted and slept in the car ride which was only 3 hours. We picked Noah up at the train station in Ciney and drove to a antique market not far away. It was so good to talk in English and to see a familiar face. We bought Belgian French fries (so good with mayonnaise) and then we spent the rest of the day at the market. I bought a Paris bracelet for 5 euros that I absolutely love.


After finishing at the market we left and went to a town not far away, which was beautiful even while it was raining. We walked around and bought some sugary bread stuff that was really really good. After we finished walking around, we drove back to the train station and dropped off the big brother which was sad.

We went to a few clothing and shoe stores because Danielle wanted to do a little shopping. We went grocery shopping and most of the food was the same as France. We bought a taco kit and I cannot wait until we have them! We went for dinner and I had penne with sauce and cheese and it was so good.

We drove home and I slept a little bit and then passed out when we got home. Today I didn’t go to Paris with Danielle and Phillippe (yes I said no to Paris) and I am home alone for the day. I am super bummed out because its Thanksgiving and everyone is having family dinners at home, but the French don’t have it which makes me sad. But I still can have a mini celebration by myself at lunch which is okay.

I miss home like crazy,

Your depressed that Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in France girl

8 thoughts on “Macbeth, Belgium and the Big Bro

  1. Well Honey, you can always bring a Thanksgiving to your host family. Make a few turkey decorations and make them a turkey taco dinner. Lol.
    Love you

  2. It will be strange for us too not having you here for dinner but on the plus side think of all the calories you won’t have to run off. Sounds like you had a great time with Noah I’m so glad it worked out for you two. I can’t believe you stayed home from Paris I hope you got caught up on some much needed sleep. Enjoy your day darling and your tacos! Love you to bits! Talk to you soon. 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Happy thanksgiving Libbey !!!! Sounds like u had a very busy but exciting week !! I love the pictures of Belgium. So cool to see where my grandparents came from. Oh and I love the bracelet !!! Xoxo love you

  4. awesome bracelet……….glad weekend was great….again great pics………do not feel bad i have no idea about mcbeth either and i took it in school???? do not worry about thanksgiving so much u have given us so many things to be thankful for…..besides there were too many choices for dinner over the weekend and u would have not being able to choose and ended up staying home any way…ha ha ha ( probably where the least amount of veggies were.)
    ..get lots of rest and we will talk again soon…….lots of hugs, kisses and LOVE…gramps

  5. The pictures are gorgeous. If you don’t have thanksgiving in France teach them about your culture. Have a mini thanksgiving with your host family. If not, you will be with your family next year, and the following year and so on. The bracelet is gorgeous. Love your trench coat.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Libbey we miss you to but glad you are having a great time what an experence. Love your bracelet and your pictures. well just spend the day catching up on your sleep and take care of yourself love you XXX OOO

  7. Love your bracelet girl, and I looove you ♥ I will eat pumpkin pie in your honour 😘♥ cant wait for your next post!!!

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