French Fries, Mayonnaise and My Love for Mail

This week I received a lot of mail. And everyday it just made me so much happier.

Yesterday at school it was burger and fries for lunch and I was so super excited. When the bell rang for lunch I bolted to the cafeteria so that I wouldn’t have to wait long in line. Well my plan was ruined and I ended up waiting an hour in line for a crappy burger with no ketchup. I tried mayonnaise with my french fries and it was really really good.

I have signed up for after school activities and Monday’s I will be playing volleyball, Wednesday’s gymnastics and Friday’s Zumba. I don’t even like sports but, they are actually kind of fun to do to keep busy. I run almost everyday and I am super excited for my race in November. I wanted to run the Paris Half Marathon, but I won’t be old enough. The French have a lot of rules.

Next week is going to be super busy as Thursday I am going on a field trip to see a theater piece called L’Avare. Friday I am going on a field trip to Paris (how cool is that?!?) to the Musee D’Orsay, the Immigration museum and to see Macbeth. On Saturday I am going to Belgium and I get to see Noah (exchange student from Canada living in Belgium for the year) and I am SO EXCITED, because he is like my big brother and we are super close! So I am in for a pretty crazy week.

School is getting a little better because I have started to make more friends which is nice. I love kissing people on the cheeks in the hallways it’s so fun. The weather here is pretty nice (mid-70’s) and I like taking walks when I don’t have any classes. It’s just so French.

Today I had a half day of school (my favourite days of the week) and I went for lunch with Abigail to her grandparents which was really nice. We picked up her brother and sister at school and I got to go inside to see what a French grade school looks like and it was so different.

Tonight a lot of people are coming for dinner because Willy is coming home and Pierre is too. It will be nice to see everyone together again! I have been alone a lot which gets lonely.

I will try to update my blog as much as possible the next week though it will be tight!



P.s I am going to the Netherlands is November!!!!

4 thoughts on “French Fries, Mayonnaise and My Love for Mail

  1. What exciting adventures you have in store this month. I cannot wait for you to share your sights and travels in the next few weeks. We look forward to hearing all of your new experiences and the way they have enabled us all to share in a wonderful time in the life of an amazing teenager. XOXO

  2. This is one of my favorite blogs. It’s good to see that you are embracing your experiences and the French culture more and more. I love that you’re getting involved with different activities and I can almost here the excitement in your voice about your upcoming events and trips. The Musee D’Orsay for a field trip, shut the heck up, like you said sure beats the safety village field trips. Have a great week sweetheart I can’t wait until your next blog post to hear all about your adventures. Thinking of you always with prayer and much love. 💕💓💕. PS what’s not to love about fries and mayo😋

  3. Sounds like u are in for a fabulous time !!!! Grampa Vic ‘s parents were both born in Belgium. They would be so happy to know you are visiting there !!!! Have a great weekend !!! Xoxo. Love you

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