Life With Boys

I am completely outnumbered. 4 to 1. 4 boys is 3 more then I’m used to and it’s so different. Because Danielle is at the hospital I am the only girl in the house for the week. I miss having girls around.

School is still boring because I really can’t keep up with the teachers. It is super tiring trying to focus really hard all day on what they are saying, and I am exhausted when I get home. Today at school while waiting in line for lunch two girls (Katy and Lucie) started talking to Matilde and I. We ended up eating with them and they are super nice! I hope that we become really good friends.

Tomorrow Phillippe and I are going to Reins to visit Danielle. It will be a nice afternoon to get out of the house. It will also be nice to see a new town. On Sunday I am going grape cutting with Rotary, and it is supposed to rain. I will not be a happy grape cutter if it is raining. There is so much going on here, that I hardly have time to blog and I am sorry!! I will try my best to keep blogging often!

Love always,


2 thoughts on “Life With Boys

  1. Not to say I know it all, however, I told you there are 100’s of students wanting to be your friend. Katy and Lucie will just be friends longer than most.
    Enjoy every day.
    Uncle Ken

  2. Well Libbey now you know how your Dad feels, those are the odds he lives with all the time (Pogo and Oscar don’t count). Hopefully it won’t be too long before Danielle is home and things will be back to normal odds. How long does grape picking season last? It’s cool that you are going to have a shot at trying it. I’ve read that it is hard work but………ah the sweet reward of the finished product. So glad to hear that you have made a few new friends. Uncle Ken is right they will probably be the first of many, once the word is out what a terrific friend you can be you’ll have more friends than you can keep track of. It sounds like you’re going to have a pleasant afternoon, even though going to the hospital is part of it. I hope Danielle is feeling much better and it won’t be long before she’s up and around, tell her we are thinking of her. And you are going to see yet another cool little town, I hope you have time to explore it a little. So glad you are keeping busy and have a ton of things going on. It’s a good thing you’re keeping a journal and writing this blog so that nothing escapes your memory when you’re back in Canada and start reflecting on your journey of a lifetime. So darling keep the blogs coming, when you can, we all look forward to them. All my love 💕💕

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