My Unannounced Picture Day

Once a week I have a lazy day. It’s always been on Thursdays, because if my Grams sees me in yoga pants on a Friday when she picks me up at school she asks what are you wearing? Are you going to yoga? Anyways my lazy days are Thursdays. Always have been and always will be. Well on Thursday I walk into school and the first thing I see is a photographer with his big camera. Great. I had no idea it was picture day otherwise I wouldn’t have worn yoga pants and Uggs. So the day goes on and we get a class picture and I’m thinking thank goodness its only one picture. But wait. Since I’m in two different grade levels at school, I had two class pictures. More proof that I looked just fabulous. Not. Lets just say I wasn’t a very happy person.

Yesterday I only had two hours of class because one of my teachers wasn’t at school. Fine by me! At lunch time I walked with my Rotary Counsellor and had lunch with her and her two kids who are very cute and super nice. We went to the library and picked up my library card so I can read whatever French books I want now. It was a good way to spend the afternoon.

Today nothing is really happening. The hot water tank is being fixed at our house, so I won’t have to go to the Grandmother’s for my showers. This weekend is going to be pretty chill, so I can clean my room, (not that it needs cleaning. Really it doesn’t it’s spotless) read and get some sleep. School makes me 10x more tired then I already am.

I hope that you all have a relaxing weekend too,

Love always,


3 thoughts on “My Unannounced Picture Day

  1. AAAAHHAAA!! A lesson learned always look good you never know what awaits. Saying that you probably looked beautiful despite how l you were dressed. You know the saying about even looking good in a paper bag well
    that’s you. So hey if the bag fits wear it ( just as long as you accessorize it). I’m glad that you got your library card it will be fun going seeing tons of different French books, there are bound to be a few English books too. Is it far from your school? Keeping your room clean are you sure? This is still Libbey right? (Just kidding). Have a great weekend darling. We will talk soon. Miss you and love you like crazy. ❌😊❌😘❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️

  2. dear Libbey
    Glad to hear you had a good day at school its always nice to have a break. it sounds like you are making more freinds so you will have more people to hang out with. Did you get permission to go to spain and see your aunt yet? That will be quite an experence for you. Well the weather here sucks too, Had to get out socks and shoes almost time for Christmas which will not be the same with out you. It is nice you were able to get a library card, they must have an english section with newspapers that are pretty old but still news and books for you to read,take care of yourself we love you xxx ooo grandpa & grandma Brunell

  3. Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things! Really like your pictures….when we were in France, I never tired of looking at the buildings & architecture…bringing back memories! The countries are so close together, I’m sure you will get to travel to some of them….Scotland is fabulous!!!
    Really enjoying your blog!
    Love Gram Pat xoxoxoxox

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