The Joy I Have Found in Journaling

I have found complete satisfaction in writing until my hand hurts. 

I have never had a journal before in my life, and at first I was nervous to write in it because I thought, what if I write the wrong thing? I didn’t know if I should write in pencil, pen or coloured pens. I didn’t know what method of writing I should use. I didn’t know what I should write about. 

Then I realized something. I should write whatever I want because its what I am thinking in that moment. I decided to write in pen so that I can’t erase anything later if I don’t like it. I will share my journal at the end of the year to whoever wants to read it so they can get a feeling of my different experiences. 

The journal in a way has become my friend. I write in it every night before I go to bed, stating what I did that day, how I feel about France, things I like or don’t like, what I want to see and do. 

There is no right or wrong way to write in a journal, which is something I love. I can make spelling mistakes in English, because I have forgotten how to spell and no one can judge it. 

Journaling makes me happy. I’m glad to know that in ten years if I want to know what I ate in France, it will be there. Whether I liked it or not.








2 thoughts on “The Joy I Have Found in Journaling

  1. Maybe this will inspire you to become a writer! You could be like some of the exchange students who have had a book published telling of their experience. Wouldn’t that be awesome. You could include some of your first European adventures from when you were five 😊.Something to think about. Keep up the good work. Love you tons

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