My Disneyland Experience

Hey everyone!

I am sorry that I didn’t blog about my last few days, they have been very busy!

After my Friday night Rotary meeting, I went with a Rotary member to stay at his house for the night. The house is beautiful and they are supposed to be my fourth host family! The house is right in the middle of Sezanne with a bakery and creperie right down the street. 

On Sunday Willy brought me to Disneyland in Paris and it was amazing! They have two parks and we went to both spending the whole day there. Both parks were absolutely amazing. We met some members of the Lion King cast, ate amusement park food, and screamed on all of the rides. The final show at the castle was wonderful, and some songs were in English so I could sing along.

The Lion King


School is still very long here, but the day has breaks so Matilde (the Italian exchange student) and I walk into Sezanne for drinks and pastries. Today I bought The Fault In Our Stars in French, and I am excited to learn new words and to practice my French. I also went to the post office to mail things, and it feels good to send stuff in Canada’s direction.

I will keep you guys updated on everything going on here in Frenchville!

Love always,



5 thoughts on “My Disneyland Experience

  1. So cute. You sound like you are fitting in very well. Disney seems so fun. I am glad you are reading especially in french. Try “If I Stay”. The movie is out on video.

  2. All these awesome posts make me want to drop everything and fly over there. The pictures from Disney look incredible, hopefully we can go there. So glad you met up with Matilde it make things much more enjoyable when you can share adventures with someone. Especially someone who is experiencing the same things you are. I hope that you continue to have the time of your life and keep the posts coming, I so look forward to them. Love you to bits sweetie. Gramma 😘 ❤❤❤

  3. Glad you are having a wonderful time !!! You are one lucky girl !!!! You are also an excellent writer and it is so enjoyable to read about your adventures !!!!! Xo

  4. Drinks and pastries to help with your long day….not too shabby! 🙂

    Unless I missed it, how long is the school day there? When you switch host families, do you switch schools as well?

    Disney sounded like so much fun!!

    Big hugs to you! Xoxo

    Aunt Karen and Uncle Doug 🙂

    1. School goes from 8-6 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays and Fridays I go to school only until 12:15. I switch families during Christmas break around January 5th.

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