In Need of a Watch

So today was better then yesterday, because I only had to go to school until 12:15! This morning I had a meeting with the guidance counsellor and all of my classes have been changed. I will start the new classes on Monday, taking mostly French. The counsellor wanted me to take extra gym classes, but I politely begged her not to torture me.  

School is much more strict in France. There are absolutely no phones allowed in the school. You can’t even check the time, meaning I need to get a watch. In the library no one talks, and you aren’t allowed to listen to music while working. No one talks during class, and no one leaves to go to the bathroom or to get a drink. \

I’m excited to hangout with my next family tonight, when I stay at their house. Tomorrow is probably going to be a boring day because I have nothing planned. Tonight I am asking the President of the Rotary club for permission to go to Spain in February. Hopefully he says yes!!

My phone number here reminds me of home its, 07825… I’m missing the 825 area!!

Tomorrow I will update you all on my new adventures!



6 thoughts on “In Need of a Watch

  1. You are so funny. I am sure you will enjoy watch shopping for your new Rolex. Do you want a gold or a rose tone?

    1. MRS. BELANGER!!!!!, Unless you are supplying the lovely Libbey with the money for a rolex, my answer is absolutely NOT!!!

  2. It sounds like the schools in Canada should be more like the ones in France, maybe when you get home you could present a few ideas to the school board. I’m sure you won’t be bored tomorrow especially meeting up with a new family, the question there is who will be entertaining who. My money is on you keeping them entertained. Hoping your Rotary meeting goes well and that you do good on your presentation. After tonight families will be queuing up to have you stay with them. Have a great time at Disney. Love you tons ❌😊❌😘❤️❤️❤️

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